Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are you happy now Pat......

Hi Everyone

I'll explain the title of this blog entry. My girl friend Pat as been on my case about the fact that my site has not been updated for a while. Well sorrrrrrry!!!!

One weekend was busy with a Jann Arden concert remember Pat....(the concert was amazing!!!!) Then the next weekend was taken up with a wonderful book that I read in two days. That's a record for me. Then after that I have been doing some tatting. On Sunday and Monday I finished this doily called "Saturn Ring" in size 20 Royal thread. It measures about 10.5".

I also have started tatting some hearts for my membership for the tatting guild. The fee for the guild is one tatted heart a year. Last year I was able to hand in about 52 hearts and I am aiming for 75 or more this year. The Fridge Element Tatting guild will have to keep going for many, many years. I'll put together a picture of the heart when I get a few more done.

Until then happy tatting!!!


  1. Saturn's rings never looked so good!

    What does your guild do with all the hearts?

  2. Hi Isdihara
    The guild uses the hearts at fairs and craft events to promote tatting by giving them out to people who are interested in tatting. Thanks for your question!!! We have our big tatting weekend in September at the Best Western in Cambridge Ont. Lots for fun, food and friends.

  3. Beautiful doily!
    Good tatting to you too!

  4. Hi, Kelly!
    Lovely work!
    Fox : )