Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update time

Good Morning Everyone

It surprises me how quickly time goes by. This end of summer has been very busy around this house! Everything seems to be going on all with-in a short time span.

*August 21 Had a great family bbq. The only thing was, we did get some rain but I could not control that!!! Hubby was great. He talked to my uncles and cousins. He did a wonderful job at cooking the food and most important he made sure that my drinky poo did not get empty!!! Good man!!!!!!

*We had a funeral to go to on August 24 for a friends father.

*On the 28th we went to a party for a 25th wedding anniversary.

*My son and his girlfriend has been wanting to get together more lately, so that means a lot more time driving on the highway.

*School is starting soon (September 7th). So that means more shopping!!

*Wedding for hubbys`niece is coming up (September 11th).

And I have the Fringe Element tatting weekend coming on September 24th and 25th to get ready for. I need to take inventory of my books and threads so I do not over buy from the vendors..... Who am I kidding? Is there such a thing as over buying when it comes to tatting supplies? I didn`t think so!!!!

I have been doing a little tatting. This is a hair clip that I would like to wear for the wedding. I removed the old beads and added tatting to the black velvet base.

My dress is black and I am planning to wear a camel coloured scarf over my shoulders. The pattern is not really a pattern. It is stitch count from one person, a lay out of stitches from someone else and some monkeying around by me to make it work. I have used DMC Cebelia sizes 30 for the black and size 20 in the beige.

I have also made a pair of earrings and pendent to wear but I need your help.

I do not know which chain to wear with the pendent.

Black or Gold.... What do you think?

Hope is all well in your part of Tat Land!! I am in need of a cup of tea and have to get my butt going with that inventory. Good thing I am off work today!!!

Talk to you soon,
Tatfully Yours


  1. I like the gold.

  2. These pieces are all very pretty - and I would definitely go black, if I had that decision to make! Very elegant.
    Fox ; )

  3. I like tiny chains but I think the black is the way to go here.

  4. Very nice designs! I think the black chain is nice. :)

  5. Love the set! I'm thinking the black looks the best. You might try putting on the dress and then trying it with one and then the other and see which looks the best that way; )