Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello Everyone

WOW!!!! What a weekend! We had beautiful weather for the wedding on Saturday!!

This first picture is of my hair with the clip I made. It took the girl at the salon about one hour to put all the curls in. And it took me about two hours to brush them out on Sunday so I could wash my hair. I am luck to have any hair left on my head!!

This is an over view of the tent area where the wedding and reception took place. It was on the grooms family farm.

And this is the bride signing her life away. With the groom to the left and best man in the middle.

I`m just kidding about signing your life away. They made a lovely couple. And I am sure they will have a long happy life together!!!

Next on my calender is the tatting weekend in Cambridge with the Fringe Tatters on the 24th and 25th this month! I always look forward to this weekend. We have so much fun and of course the shopping and classes are great!

I`ll tat to you later.

Tatfully Yours


  1. Your hair and the clip look awesome! :)

  2. Great looking hair clip! Spiffy curls!
    Fox : )