Monday, January 26, 2009

Little tatting (I mean small!!!)

I do mean small. I'm not use to tatting with size 80 thread but thought I would give it a try. I think it is a little harder to needle tat with small threads. I do have an ultra thin needle for this type of thin thread but I find it is hard to hold on. This will be Motif #6
With a lot of people tatting hearts I thought I would put my one cent in. I did make two of these hearts for a pair of earrings for myself. They are from Rachel Jackson pattern called Celtic Valentine Heart Earrings.

I also tatted this heart in Altin Basak.
This will be Motif #7.

This doily is called "That Medallion Again". It makes you go back to the first medallion we all learned when we first started to tat. This will be Motif #8

And I must say, I'm so spoiled. When visiting my best friend Pat today she gave me this beautiful table cloth. She bought it about 25 years ago at an estate sale and knew that by giving it to me it would be treasured. It will be very very treasured, much like her friendship!!!!! Thanks Pat.


  1. Your teeny tiny heart is very sweet! Good for you for trying size 80! That "medallian again" is beautiful! How sweet that your friend gave you that tablecloth! It looks like she gave it to the right person with the way you appreciate handwork and needlearts.!

  2. Beautiful heart, beautiful doily! I've never learned to needle tat. It seems that once I learn one technique, I have a hard time learning a new one. Maybe someday...

  3. I'm a little behind at catching up with the new 25 motif challenge but you've made a great start! That celtic heart is quite a challenge!

  4. i really like the valentine heart from rachel jackson. beautiful colors too!!


  5. My eyes are crossing just looking at that Celtic heart. Amazing!