Saturday, October 8, 2011

What can I say?

Hi Everyone in Tat Land

What can I say....I know I was to blog more often but this thing called life is getting in my way of blogging and tatting. Lets see first I was very busy helping with the Fringe tatting weekend. Both before and helping out with the event. Things went really well and everyone had a great time. (I have pictures of my goodies I show you shortly). Next the STRESS levels around here have been very high!!!! My job is closing down the end of October and with this I had to tell my hubby. He took the news ok. I was really hoping I would have had a new job before I had to tell him. The one I was waiting for didn`t come through.

In the end it was probably for the best I didn`t get the job as I am going in for surgery November 4th on my left ankle and will not be able to get around to well for a while!!!

I know it is alot to take in but I have been able to get some tatting done and even a little knitting too. But first some pictures of the goodies I got at the Fringes Tatting weekend!!!

I was lucky enough to win this copy of 25 Years of the Ring of Tatters.

Here are some books I treated myself to.

And of course I had to purchase some more thread!!!! The ones in the middle are HDT from Karey!!

Lastly the knitting I got done. This sweater is for a special little girl. I just have to sew on the buttons and get it in the mail!!

Thanks for letting me bend you ear for a bit. I hope I didn`t come off as being a big downer!! I know things could be worst!! And because it is Thanksgiving here in Canada I am getting off the pity train and just be thankful for my family and my wonderful friends. (That means you guys in Tat Land too!!!!!!)


Tatfully Yours Kelly


  1. I know you'll get another job very soon. You're a cheerful happy soul who's a hard worker too. It WILL happen. Meanwhile use your post operation time to it's best. Tat up a storm - even though it's needle tatting!!!! Whoops, I'd better hide from the daggers being flung at me for being such a cheeky old moo/git!!!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your job. Anyone with such a positive upbeat attitude as yours will be snapped up soon. I'm glad you had such a nice time at Fringe. One of these days, I'll have to get to Canada again... (Minnesota isn't too far)

  3. Aw, so sorry... good things will come again!

    the new thread looks yummy, and I like the knitting - wish I knew how to do that!

  4. You're allowed to be a bit 'down'. It's tough to lose a job. And it really would have been difficult to start a new job with the ankle situation. You need to take some time off to catch your breath and get back to walking well, especially with winter coming on. Sounds like a good opportunity to do some tatting!

    The sweater is adorable! I love the way the pattern evolved on the white/variegated stripes and sleeves! Very neat raglan pattern and nicely done! Is this pattern available on the internet? I'd also like to know what yarns you used!

    Also - Happy Thanksgiving (yesterday)!