Monday, May 21, 2012

What I have been up to!!!!

 Hello All

This is my first entry with the new blogger layout. So I am not counting on this being easy.

First I have the Italian doily I have been working on. I could not believe I had to have Karey send me more of her beautiful HDT. I have gone through 2 1/2 skeins of ``Sunset on .Seneca lake`` in size 20. But at last it is done!!! It measures 16`` cross! This is the largest doily I have done. And I understand that she does not have any more of this colour in stock. Boy was I lucky to get enough to finish this piece.

And while I was waiting for the extra thread to arrive..... I did the same pattern but this time in a lovely yellow from DMC Cebelia size 30. This doily turned out to be about 14`` wide. I am thinking of putting it away for my mom for her next birthday!!

We have been busy with the gardens and yard work lately. And I am still looking for work but there is not much out there.

Well I must go. I have to clean up my craft room and then decided what my next project will be.

Take care and I`ll tat you to later,


  1. Both doilies are beautiful, but I especially like the one done up in Karey's HDT!

  2. Apparently you had no problems with this post! And you've been doing a lot of tatting! Both doilies are beautiful! Your mom will love her gift!

    I'm assuming your foot is much better?

    1. Oh yes! My foot is doing well, thanks for asking!

  3. Oh my goodness those are so gorgeous!! :)

  4. Oh ,this is pritty, so fine you could finish it!!

  5. Both doilies are so beautiful !
    i'll come back to see your work