Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It is amazing what one can do.......

Yes it is amazing what one can do when off work for the day and a Tuesday too!!!!

I made lunches, let the dog in and out all day, vacuumed main floor, have done two blog postings and took a messy craft room from this.....

scary isn`t it!!!!!!!!

To this wonder of clean. Plus I know where things are too!!!!

And of course, I just didn`t start the invention (with tatting) but I finished it!! I hope the bride and groom like this gift from my boss. Most of all I hope my boss likes it.

Well I must go and start dinner and have a cup of tea. A wonder women`s work is never done. LOL

Tatfully Your Kelly


  1. Kelly, that is so pretty. You did a great job!
    Fox : )

  2. Wow, I'm sure your boss, bride & groom will all be thrilled with this gift. It's wonderful!

  3. That is really lovely I am sure that they will love it!!!!!!

  4. Messy? Wish my place looked that good cleaned up! And the cleaned up spot is really super! Whaaaa! I want my creative place pimped!

  5. The bride and groom will love it! Victoria Hall...where do you live?

  6. Looks great Kelly, you really need to drop by my house and help out with the back room :)) Love the look of your site - have one question though... isn't that the wall paper we had in the living room on Spragge Crescent?