Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can it be to hot...

Hello Everyone in Tat Land

Can it be to hot to tat. Well maybe not the tatting itself but pattern following. When you are uncomfortable it is hard to think of anything else than being cool. We do not have air conditioning at home, so I try to think about the cleaning customers, we have the next day, who have A/C. So I can look forward to work, in a small way.

I think my cat has the right idea here. Sleep when you can. I have had a hard time sleeping at night. I know, it is not the heat but the humidity. (Throw in a hot flash or two). I sometimes feel like screaming!!!!

I did get some tatting done before the weather turned so hot. I hope you can see these hankies ok. I was so happy to get them finished and packaged for the bridal store. I had forgotten to take their picture before the packages were closed.

I would love to start tatting on these white hankies I just received from Handy Hands but with the heat, I would be washing my hands every 5 minutes and that would add a lot of time to making them.

I just could not help myself. I went back into the thrift store the other day and I found more treasure. I picked up these hankies with blue stitching on them for 4/$1.00. Who could pass that up?

Hope everyone is well and staying cool.

Tatfully Yours


  1. The hankies came out really nice. A click on the picture let me zoom right in for a good look. Congratulations on your new find. We are experiencing hot, humid weather in Arkansas as well. This is the kind of weather in which I wish to sit with a cold drink in my hands all day long. To tat, the thread needs a tight twist and COLOR. I like reading everyone's blogs and looking through my pattern collection dreaming about future projects. LOL

  2. Too hot to tat(but I am doing it anyway). We don't have A/C either and the heat index is at 93 degrees F. The only problem other than being uncomfortable no matter where I sit is that my hands feel slightly swollen(must be retaining all the water I have been "pouring" inside) and they feel a bit sticky, but I MUST get this my collar edging done and sewn on with in 2 weeks. :)
    Prayers going up for cooler temps for everyone.

  3. Nope. Not too hot to tat. Can't eat, sleep and am in a foul temper... but I can tat! I MUST tat!

    The hankies are beautiful. Looking at them I am ALMOST tempted to do another...

    Of course you had to have the one with the blue... it will be very pretty with an edging.
    Fox : )

  4. Very nice! I'm tempted to try one. Unless I have the fan on, my hands are too sweaty to tat--the thread sticks. I'll be turning on the fan a little later.......

  5. I was surprised to read that you're having high temperatures in Canada, too - but I see you're just across from NY State. We only put our A/C on when it gets to be 90, and I'm sure glad we have it for days like this! It's ironic that I feel as housebound now as I did during all that snow this winter! Even though we have air in the car, I just don't want to go out at all.

    If you're not careful you'll have more orders than you can handle for those beautiful handkerchiefs! What bride wouldn't be delighted to have one? I learned early on how much work handkerchief lace is; but you seem undaunted!

    PS: Cute kitty!