Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am not a cry baby....

Just because I am still tatting on hankies does not make me a cry baby! Does it!?!

I have just finished these two hankie and just have to press them and package them for the bridal store. I have noticed lately that a few tatters have been tatting edges for hankie too and that they tat the edging first then sew it on. I was wondering if I am doing my hankie correctly? I attach the lace as I am tatting it. Maybe its because I am using a basic pattern or that I am a needle tatter. I like to use the KISS method myself. (Keep It Simple Silly) If the pattern is to detailed it will take to long to do and I will never make any money that way.

We have had a break from the hot humid weather here in southern Ontario and are greatly for it. It is hard to tat when your hands swell with the humid and the fan keeps blowing the thread around! I hope to get some tatting done today. I am off work and just dropped my son off at his on-line girlfriends house for their first face to face meeting. I am a wreck and need to keep myself busy or I will go crazy. (I`ve been told its a short drive!!)

Hope all is well in your part of Tat Land!!

Tatfully Yours


  1. Your hankies are beautiful! I have tatted the edgings directly to the hanky, and I've sewn it on afterwards. I prefer tatting it directly to the hanky... one less step, and a great time saver! There are advantages to sewing the edging on. If the hanky wears out, the edging can be re-attached to a new hanky. Also, you can ease the edging to fit the hanky when sewing it on. Either way, I love hankies!

  2. I am hankering for hanky! You make me want to tat around a square... Also, I have been needle tatting! A hankie would be a great place to practice, n'est-ce pas?

    I add the edge after - stays cleaner I think.
    Fox - breaking rank.... : ))

  3. Kelly, Your work is lovely and however you choose to do it is correct. I read somewhere that it is more traditional to tat first, sew on later. So that is what I did. Still waiting to sew the two together, next time I'm going for not traditional.
    Keep up the lovely work!

  4. I have not attached tatting to hankies before.
    I have a question though ..
    If you join as you tat, how do you shape the corner so that it flows well with the rest of the design?

    I suppose attaching as you tat would work with simpler designs but the elaborate ones would be better tatted first and then join. Just my thoughts.

  5. Love the edging around the hankies they are really pretty.