Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello Everyone in Tat Land

Yes it is Canada Day here and our town does not hold back with the celebrations!!!! We have a 4 day waterfront festival. Fire works on the 1st! Skydivers and music in the band shelter. With art tents, craft tents, market place and most important beer tents. I do admit I do enjoy a nice cold one on a hot day but I do cut it with ginger ale. I believe it is called a Shanty!?!

I am still tatting on the hankie treasures I had found at a thrift store and will show you in a day or two before they go to the bridal store. Right now it is a little hard to tat because......

I just did my nails and I cann`t do a thing with them. Right now I am typing very carefully!!! LOL

Hope all is well in Tat Land and Happy 4th of July to all my US friends!!!



  1. Happy Day to Us! ♥♥
    Fox : ))

  2. What lovely nails! Happy Canada Day from Ottawa!

  3. Hi Victats

    Say hello to the Queen for me!!

  4. Is someone being knighted for tatting?
    Fox : 0