Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feeling better and ready to tat!!!!!

Hi everyone. I know it has been some time between blogs but I must say I have a good reason. First my boss ended up in hospital with a kidney stone that took over 4 days to get rid of. I sat with her at our local hospital for 2 days then they decided to sent her a different hospital where they blasted the stone.

After her recovery, it was my turn to end up in hospital. My poor husband thought I was trying to be funny on April 1st, waking him at 4 am to take me into the hospital. I'm funny but not that funny. My hiatus hernia is giving me much trouble and I still do not know when things will truly be back to normally. I'm seeing my doctor this week and a specialist in June.

As you can see I did get a little tatting done between hospital visits. This is my first try at tatting with two colours of thread. It is an edge pattern from a reprint book of Anne Orr. This I'm counting as motif #17.