Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What can I say?????

H A P P Y   F E E T !!!!

I was able to order these new flat shuttles from Jane about a week ago and they just arrived!!!

How is this easier to learn with?

Tatfully Yours

Monday, September 9, 2013

Just a little something....

Hello All

Here is a picture of a little something I am working on.

It is from a newsletter publication from Denmark!! At the beginning of August a group of us had a tatting drop-in in Toronto. We were there to meet Anna who is from Denmark and was traveling across Canada. She got in touch with the Fringe and meeting was planned. We had a great time and as a gift Anna had some copies of their newsletters to give to everyone!! I do like getting into a large project so that is why I picked this booklet. The doily I am doing (if I get it all done) will measure about 80cmx80cm or 31.5 inches round. I am using size 20 thread in ecru and Lizbeth size 20 called "Cranberry Bush"! I'll keep you posted on how it is coming along.

In other news, Thomas is all set at college and has put in his first week! The move in went well, with my dads help. I was doing really good until the final good bye but that kid of mine hugged me soooo hard he pushed the tears right out of me. Kids!!!

Hope all is well in your part of Tat-land and you are working on something wonderful!
Tatfully Yours Kelly

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello to one and all

It has been a very busy time around the Dunn household!!! With parties, graduations and bbq's, it's been hard to get some tatting done!! But I have.

 Here are some of the pieces I have done! The Fringe tatting group are putting together a wall hanging with the four seasons..... seeing that this years theme is "A Season for Tatting"! The trees are from the book DMC Tatting for Today (that is if today is 1980!!) Both the mermaid and rainbow are patterns from Martha Ess. The clover and leaves are just from me playing around!!! All were made with Lizbeth threads in size 20 but the mermaid in using Altin Basak threads. In August we will be meeting and getting the wall hangings panels set up and I will be sure to share some pictures with you!!!

And of course this is my baby!!!! Its just seems like yesterday I was walking him to the bus to start school and here we are at the end of grade 12!!!! Thomas was on the honor role again this year and also achieved Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture. We could not be more proud of him!!!
Thomas will be off to Durham College this September to study Graphic Design!!

Also a little bit of really good news to share with you......my hubby just got a job!!!!!
I won't have to sell all my threads after all!!! (just kidding)

Well it is time for a cup of tea and get some tatting done!
Hope you all are having a great day.
Tatfully Yours

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

 Good Evening everyone!!!

A little while ago I was asking if anyone had a pattern for a smiley face earring.
Thanks for everyone who replied.

This is what I came up!!

 I did the pair for a girl from work in a brighter yellow thread. And of course I didn't take a picture of them before I gave them to her!!

 She was very happy with them and before I knew it she asked if she could ordered a pair for her mother........in pink!!!

I hope her mother likes them!!!

More later!!! Tatfully Yours,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Busy last weekend.....

Hello to all

I have been doing some tatting and will share that with you in a couple of days. But what I would like to share are some pictures of our busy time last weekend.

In our little town they make a big deal about prom. The kids who decide to go dress up, there is a parade through town right up to the school with a red carpet and a fancy dinner before the dance.

Of course my son and his girlfriend attended!!!

And he needed some help from mom!!

 My father was very proud to have been asked to drive the couple in his convertible in the parade!!!

There is always a big turn out at this event!!! Thank goodness it was a sunny evening!!

 They even have the town cryer come out and announce the couples arrival to the prom!!! 
They didn't do this type of thing when I went to this school. Of course that was a looooooooong time ago!!

Hope you are having a great day and get to do some tatting too!!
Tatfully Yours

Friday, May 3, 2013

What I have been up to....

Hello All

I have been busy getting the gardens ready,  picking up extra shifts at work when I can....and I have been able to get some tatting done too!!

I made this beautiful snowflake motif with ``Cranberry Bush`` #181 in size 20 Lizbeth thread. It is  from one of my new book ``Elegant Tatting Gems`` by Jon Yusoff. Ever since I returned from Lodi (were I picked them up) I couldn`t wait to get working on one of the lovely patterns in this book!!

Hope you are having a great tatting day!!
Tatfully Yours

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Need your help.....

Hello All

I have been asked to tat a pair of earrings with a smiley face in them!!
Does anyone know of a pattern for this piece?
I think I have seen them but cann't think of where!!
Any help would be great!!
Tatfully Yours

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hello to all in Tat Land

I have some pictures of the goodies I purchased for myself at the Finger Lakes Seminar!!!

Who can`t do with more books?!?!?

And of course more thread is always good!!!

Hope you are having a great day!!
Tatfully Yours

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


That was a great weekend in Lodi, NY at the 15th Finger Lakes Tatter Seminars!!!

Got to meet up with some old and news friends and had lots of good times. And lots of good food too!!

I was teaching there and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

There are some pictures from the event.

I also got to meet a great lady there.....Crazy Mom Tats!! I didn't know she was going to be there but we met up and had a great meeting!!

This last part goes out to Crazy Mom and Victats......
Soft kitty, warm kitty
little ball of fur......(hee hee)
More to come!! Have a great today!!
Tatfully Yours

Saturday, March 23, 2013

What do you think??

Hello Everyone in Tat-Land

I would like to know what you think of this tatted pendent piece?

I am thinking of teaching it at the Fringes Tatting weekend this September.
It only took me about 25 minutes to do but if I also teach them my way of stiffening it.....it might take up the 2 hour class time!
Let me know!!! Hope you are all having a great tatting weekend!!!
Tatfully Yours

Sunday, March 10, 2013

As promised......

Hello one and all!!!

As promised here are some pictures of the test tatting I have been for a well known designer!!
With her permission I can show you some of the work.

First here is a piece done with pearl tatting and many beads. It did give me a challenge as I am not use to left and right handed tatting. But I really enjoyed doing this little test!!

Next we have a Flower Pin. Again many, many beads!!! 

Can you guess who I have been tatting for?

That`s right Nina Libin!! 
Her new book will be available the beginning of April. I will let you all know when it is available!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!
Tatfully Yours Kelly

Wednesday, March 6, 2013



I bet many of you have thought that of me. And to be truthful, in a way I have been a little lost!

Lost, is what has been happening in my little part Tat-Land.

My wonderful hubby lost is job in November.
My son has been applying to colleges. So I feel like I will be losing him soon.
We lost one of our family members. Our cat Cassie. RIP
And just now our dog has had surgery and she has lost some of her moving freedom.
I have lost some time having to go and see different doctors and specialist.
I'm feeling a little LOST in the middle of this.

But I am going to turn over a new leaf!!! 
Spring is coming and I must get out of this downward spiral I'm in. I have been tatting and will get back to sharing it with you soon.

And on a bright note I will be teaching at this years Finger Lakes seminar this April!!! So be sure to check out their web site and think about coming out. I would love to meet you!!
I have also been doing some test tatting for a very well known tatter and will sharing more of this in coming blog entries. 

Hope you have not forgotten me completely!!
Tatfully Yours