Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look what I found...

A friend and I went shopping for some Christmas gifts and ended up a Value Village where we found these earrings. I do not know if I will wear them as is or take them apart and make two pair of earrings. They only cost $8.00 not to bad!!!

I have also been busy tatting more snowflakes for the craft show. I have about 64 snowflakes made, 10 bookmarks and 6 doilies. I hope we have good weather for the sale!!! I will have more to show later as many things are being stiffened.

Happy Tatting

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lest We Forget...

On this Remembrance Day (the 11th month, 11 day, 11 hour) I can not help but to think about a family member who gave the ultimate sacrifice in World War 1. And I would like to introduce him to you today.
This is Pte. William Haslam with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifle Regiment out of Toronto Ontario. He was 18 when he enlisted and was shipped to France in July of 1915 but was killed in action on September 16 1916.

I (of course) never knew him but on a day like today I would like to Thank him.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Now what has Kelly been up too.....

Hi Everyone

I know it has been a little while between blogs but things and time just get away from me!!! I am blogging today, one because I have a little time before the family gets home and second because I just can't tat right now. It is not because I don't want to tat but I have injured my left index finger. I had a Pampered Chef cooking party at my house on Saturday and found out just how sharp the knifes are. It is not too bad but is a little painful to tat with right now.

But before this injury I have been tatting snowflake for a craft sale my girlfriend is having starting November 21st. I have finished a dozen of each snowflake above. And still need to tat 12 in white thread with red beads. The pattern is called "Threes Snowflake" by Jeanne Lugert.

I have also tatted a dozen of this snowflake. I found it on Georgia's site but they were learning to bead. I did not use beads in mine.

Last but least I have tatted about 6 of this bookmark in different colours. Its called Lacy bookmark by LaRae Mikulecky. I really enjoy this pattern because I can still watch TV and tat at the sometime.

Well tats all for now. The boy is home and looking for food. (If you have a teenager in your house you know what I mean!!!)

Please leave a comment. I love it when you do!!!!!

Happy Tatting

P.S. Sherry is doing her Monday giveaway so be sure to enter.