Sunday, June 28, 2009

Angels I have made...

These angels are made from some Southmaid size 10 and the cream ones are made in DMC size 30. I have had the pattern (By Teri Dusenbury) for some time but just didn't get around to making them until now. They do not look so good right off the needle but when stiffened they take on their true form. I'll count them as Motif #19. And they did not take long to make.

Not like my next angel I'm going to show you.

This angel is still a work in progress. I started this one about 14 years ago with help (of course) from my hubby. A true labour of love. I can not believe he will be off to high school this September. This picture was taken just before his Graduation night. Time goes much to fast.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I've been away to long....

Hi Everyone

WOW what a few months. On my last posting I reported I was having trouble with my hiatus hernia. Well it turns out it was not that but I was having a month and half of gall bladders attacks. I ended up with emergency surgery on May 9th to have the gall gladder out but of course things did not stop there. While the gall bladder was being removed 7 stones tried to get away and I ended up in a second hospital, two days after the surgery to have the escapees removed. A total of 3 days in hospital and missed out on Mother's Day too. Can't blame the doctor for the run away stones I just found out that there were over 200 stones in my gall bladder in total. OUGH!!!!!! But now I much better and been busy tatting and doing a little knitting too.

This is motif #18 I have taken a picture frame pattern and worked it into a necklace that is V necked. I do not usually make things for myself but with a anniversary dance and my sons grad. coming up I wanted something nice for me to wear. And with what I've been though I deserve it.