Monday, April 25, 2011

Something new...

Hello to all!!

Hope everyone had a good long weekend!! For the past couple of weeks I have been working on something I had not tried before...3D tatting.

This is the first piece I did. Cup and Saucer by Roger aka Freedman of Needle Tatting site. I used Manuela size 20 thread. And of course my favour colour green. This I am counting as number 11 in my 2nd round for the challenge.

With spring here all types of bugs are waking up for me vacuum up. Lately I have seen a larger number of lady bugs then this time last year. I wonder if this means anything!? My little lady here is tatting in DMC Cebelia size 20 and the patten is by Nancy Tracy. I love her patterns!!

And the next picture is of some goodies I received from that sweetie Fox! Thank you Fox. I have not had a chance to work up anything from this stash yet but I hope to later this week.

Well that is about all for now! Hope all is well with you!!

Tatfully Yours

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don`t get me wrong...

Hello to all!!

As my title says ``don`t get me wrong..`` I love my hubby but sometimes the way he says things really makes me think!!
Like this morning. As it goes I am off work today and as he is heading off to work he says`` hope you have a good time at home today!`` What does he think I do all day anyway?! It`s not like I sit around and eat candy, doing my nails and watching TV.

My list for today was:
clean the front gardens
get the garbage out
clean cat box
pick up dog poop
wash kitchen floor (the only way is the right way, hands and knees)
make appointments for car and me (doctor)
on and on and on.....

Between these items I have also made homemade cookies and took the dog for a walk. (which is hard on me because the doctors appointment for me is to see about having foot surgery)
Ok I am done venting!! I feel a little better now!

These hearts are both done in Lizbeth size 20 thread called Summer Fun. The first is Small Tatted Heart by Betsy Evans and the other is Susan Fullers Hearts Desire.

Well I guess I should run!! (not really) Time to put the laundry on the line out side and start thinking about what to make for dinner. I am looking forward to going to work tomorrow for a break. (I clean houses by the way)

Tat to you all later!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I have been tatting really.....

Hello All

Yes I have been tatting but seem to not have time to blog about it. So get ready for a long update!

First we have Sherry`s ``Curly Q`` from her book The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies #2. Done in size 20 HDT thread I picked up at the Fringes Tatting Week last September! I love working this beauty!!

Here I tatted Nancy Tracy`s March 2011 Medallion. Then I took a page from Fox and did part of the pattern on a silver center piece. They were worked with size 20 Lizbeth Leafy Greens.

This next part is also Fox`s fault. I left a comment on her blog about tatting on rings and she said that I could do it too. Well, who does she think she is. So here. Your right Fox I could do it. I guess I showed you!! (hee, hee)

I forgot to count some past items in my challenge so I am going to update my count and say that with these I am up to 10 of 25 of the challenge, 2nd time around.

I do have more but if I don`t get my butt out the door, I`ll be late for work!!

Tat to you later.