Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Look what was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday. My very own "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree".

My girlfriend Pat and her husband Ron dropped this off on Tuesday. Ron gets mad at me if I don't phone him and let him know when the "Chuck Brown" specials are on TV. So last year I gave him the "Charlie Brown Christmas" on DVD.

I'll have to put their Christmas gifts under this tree for Sunday; as they are coming for a Christmas lunch.

Just had to share this little tree with you!!

Tat on.

I Can't believe it.....

I was one of Sherrys' Prize winners this week!!!!!! I won a Work Basket magazine. I've never seen one before.

I feel so lucky that I think I will buy a lotto ticket this week too!!!
If I win I'll share it with Sherry.

This has really helped to get me in the Christmas spirit!!!

Thanks Sherry for being the true meaning of Christmas, by being sooooooo giving.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...

Wow What a great week of craft sales!!! I was able to help my girlfriend out a few days of the sale and made about $90.00 over the week. Not to bad. It is money I didn't have before!!!! That was by selling snowflake and a few doilies with some bookmarks. The best part was talking to people about tatting. One dear lady who can no longer work with fine threads was so happy to see the tatting that she returned one day and gave me 2 large bags of crochet cotton thread. She did not have anyone in her family who would use the thread and was happy to give it to me!!! To my surprise there was a great number of size 20 and size 30 threads in the collection!!! I'll take a picture of the threads and post it a little later.

The guild is doing a Winter Frolic tatting exchange and the dead line for having your item to the sender is not until January 2010. The lady who received my name didn't let any snow get under her feet!!!LOL I received my tatted item November 30. I still have not decided what I'm going to send to my exchange name. This tatted snowflake came to me from Nova Scotia and it is a pattern by Jane Edorall. I'm very lucky!!!!!
Well that is all for now. I am picking up an order from Handy Hands that my sister brought back from the U.S. tomorrow so I'll include pictures of the order also later.

Tat on.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look what I found...

A friend and I went shopping for some Christmas gifts and ended up a Value Village where we found these earrings. I do not know if I will wear them as is or take them apart and make two pair of earrings. They only cost $8.00 not to bad!!!

I have also been busy tatting more snowflakes for the craft show. I have about 64 snowflakes made, 10 bookmarks and 6 doilies. I hope we have good weather for the sale!!! I will have more to show later as many things are being stiffened.

Happy Tatting

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lest We Forget...

On this Remembrance Day (the 11th month, 11 day, 11 hour) I can not help but to think about a family member who gave the ultimate sacrifice in World War 1. And I would like to introduce him to you today.
This is Pte. William Haslam with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifle Regiment out of Toronto Ontario. He was 18 when he enlisted and was shipped to France in July of 1915 but was killed in action on September 16 1916.

I (of course) never knew him but on a day like today I would like to Thank him.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Now what has Kelly been up too.....

Hi Everyone

I know it has been a little while between blogs but things and time just get away from me!!! I am blogging today, one because I have a little time before the family gets home and second because I just can't tat right now. It is not because I don't want to tat but I have injured my left index finger. I had a Pampered Chef cooking party at my house on Saturday and found out just how sharp the knifes are. It is not too bad but is a little painful to tat with right now.

But before this injury I have been tatting snowflake for a craft sale my girlfriend is having starting November 21st. I have finished a dozen of each snowflake above. And still need to tat 12 in white thread with red beads. The pattern is called "Threes Snowflake" by Jeanne Lugert.

I have also tatted a dozen of this snowflake. I found it on Georgia's site but they were learning to bead. I did not use beads in mine.

Last but least I have tatted about 6 of this bookmark in different colours. Its called Lacy bookmark by LaRae Mikulecky. I really enjoy this pattern because I can still watch TV and tat at the sometime.

Well tats all for now. The boy is home and looking for food. (If you have a teenager in your house you know what I mean!!!)

Please leave a comment. I love it when you do!!!!!

Happy Tatting

P.S. Sherry is doing her Monday giveaway so be sure to enter.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look what I got in the mail today!!!!

The tatting guild is holding a tatting exchange called "Fall-oween". And my tatted item arrived today. The pumpkin is jewelery (it has a pin on the back) and it came in this hand made card with tatted flowers on the front. I do love getting jewelery!!! Is it not cute!?! I'm going to pin it on my apron, that I wear for work, so all my customers can see it.

I know I have not posted for awhile and I'm sorry but I have been tatting my fingers to the bone, trying to get things ready for the craft sale in late November. I do not mind making the items but have a hard time with pricing things. I aways under price things and my friends get mad at me.

Until next time keep on tatting!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

More from the Fringe...

Man, can work get in the way of what you want to do. Really wanted to have posted earlier but time just got away from me.

I was lucky enough to have won 3 raffle draws that weekend in Cambridge. This book is one of my favorite prizes. I do not have any old collector tatting books so I guess this will be my start.
The other prizes were a little photo book with hand cream and a gift basket full of many lovely thing as threads, storage box, candy and a tatting shuttle.

I have been busy tatting some doilies, snowflakes and bookmarks for a sale my girl friend is having in November. Thought I should get some things done now before life gets to busy again.

I also purchased this book by Heather Lickley who has written for the Ring of Tatters about Elgiva Agnes Nicholls. A very interesting lady and a good read. Heather comes over from the UK each year for the Fringes workshops. She is a lovely lady.

Well that is all for now. But I know that when I push the publish post button I will think of something else I wanted to say. It will have to wait until next time.

Tat on.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend Away....

WOW what a great weekend with the Fringe Element in Cambridge this past weekend!!!! Where do I begin...... I'm not a good highway driver and did not have to travel as far as some of the other people attend the tatting workshops but was able to make the trip over the city of Toronto to Cambridge in only 2 hours. I must have had a good tale wind behind me. I also think that I was not as nervous a last year because it was my second time going there.

The whole weekend was filled with fun, prizes and meeting up with old friends and making new ones. And of course shopping. As many of you know I have said before that there is little to no places to buy tatting threads or patterns. That is one of the reasons I really look forward to going to Cambridge.Here are my purchase from Karey. And she was nice enough to sign my books for me. I was able to buy some Lizbeth thread and have already tatted a bookmark from it.

I also bought more thread and a pattern book from Rita.
I do have more to share but have to start the roast for dinner and finish some dishes. So stay tuned for more about my weekend away.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Motif #25!!!!!!!!!!

I did it!!!!!! This is motif #25. I really put off finishing this piece because I knew that the last row would take a while to do. I always become intimidated with larger projects but I started the row on Saturday and didn't put any type of dead line to finish it by and I completed it on Monday night (about 6 hours). So now I have a Christmas gift finished!!!!

This doily is about 71/2 x 11. A nice size for a gift.

I have given myself a little time off from tatting so I can get ready for the Fringe Tatting weekend on September 25th and 26th.

I'm going to start the challenge again and am going to do motifs that are more difficult and new thing I have not tried.

Thanks for all the support and stay tuned for my next 25 Motifs.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Hello everyone!
Where does the time go!?!? We had the family get together and everyone had a good time. And the weather was wonderful. I have been busy getting my son ready for the first day of high school. He is ready but I'm not!!!!
I also have been busy tatting but not much time to blog so this one will be on the long side.

The pictures above and below are of my competition piece for my weekend away in Cambridge for the Fridge's "Fall into Tatting" starting on the 25 of September. We were given a metal napkin holder and we had to decorate it with some tatting. Mine is a planter box. I added flowers and bugs, so it looks a little like the one here at my house. I used some Pearl cotton, South Maid and other threads. I just checked and found out I miss counted my motifs so this one will be #21.

This is a pattern by Carolyn Groves I found on-line. I used South Maid thread for this piece. This will be motif #22.

I have also been busy making some hearts for the Fringe as it is the membership fee for the guild. One heart each year to help share and spread the word about tatting not being a lost art. As it stands now I think I'm good for about another 100 years. The first heart is Georgia's Heart Doily and the others are Celtic Valentine heart by Rachel Jackson this will be motif #23.

And last but not lest some small snowflakes. My girlfriend is going to have a Christmas sale in November at her house and wants me to make some things for the sale, so I started with these snowflakes. They are from the book "Tatted Snowflakes" by Vida Sunderman. These will be motif #24. Its been fun catching up with you and I promise it will not be so long between blogs. Please leave a comment I love reading them!!! Later.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New neighbors in town...

This our new neighbor, a Merlin hawk. We believe that there is a family of 3 moved in. I'm hoping this is a good sign to all the work being done to clean up our lakes and streams. Cleaner streams mean more bugs, more bugs mean more birds and more birds mean more beautiful hawks. We have lived here for over 10 years and this is the first time we have seen this type of hawk.
I only have one more row to do on this doily. It is the "Occasional Doily" from the book Tatting Doilies and Edgings edited by Rita Weiss. I'm using DMC Cebelia size 30 colour no. 524. I hate to say this but this will be for a Christmas gift. I'll post and count it in the challenge when I'm finished.
This is a bracelet I'm trying out. A friend told me the info over the phone on how to do the beaded center split ring. I'm not sure if I got it right. Try, try, and try some more.

Happy Tatting

Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer is here......

You can tell that summer has finally arrived in southern Ontario by all the rain we have received!!!! LOL This is the pay off. A beautiful rainbow.

I like how these earrings turned out. I did them in some metallic thread. I need to learn how to do Beaded Center Split Ring for needle tatting, so I can make a bracelet for these earrings.

This bracelet and earring set is made from Altin Basak size 30 just made with split rings. My hubby likes that I make my own jewelery. It saves him a lot of money.LOL This set will be motif #19.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just a little something I whipped out.....

Hi Everyone

I am still in the mood for jewelery. This will be motif #20. This is my version of a bookmark I received from a tatting friend but I used DMC nylon thread and made it with the hook and eyes for a bracelet for (dare I say) me. I am not in the habit of making things for myself but I think I'm getting use to it. Perhaps if I work out this pattern I'll share it at a later date.

Good Tatting to all.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Angels I have made...

These angels are made from some Southmaid size 10 and the cream ones are made in DMC size 30. I have had the pattern (By Teri Dusenbury) for some time but just didn't get around to making them until now. They do not look so good right off the needle but when stiffened they take on their true form. I'll count them as Motif #19. And they did not take long to make.

Not like my next angel I'm going to show you.

This angel is still a work in progress. I started this one about 14 years ago with help (of course) from my hubby. A true labour of love. I can not believe he will be off to high school this September. This picture was taken just before his Graduation night. Time goes much to fast.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I've been away to long....

Hi Everyone

WOW what a few months. On my last posting I reported I was having trouble with my hiatus hernia. Well it turns out it was not that but I was having a month and half of gall bladders attacks. I ended up with emergency surgery on May 9th to have the gall gladder out but of course things did not stop there. While the gall bladder was being removed 7 stones tried to get away and I ended up in a second hospital, two days after the surgery to have the escapees removed. A total of 3 days in hospital and missed out on Mother's Day too. Can't blame the doctor for the run away stones I just found out that there were over 200 stones in my gall bladder in total. OUGH!!!!!! But now I much better and been busy tatting and doing a little knitting too.

This is motif #18 I have taken a picture frame pattern and worked it into a necklace that is V necked. I do not usually make things for myself but with a anniversary dance and my sons grad. coming up I wanted something nice for me to wear. And with what I've been though I deserve it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feeling better and ready to tat!!!!!

Hi everyone. I know it has been some time between blogs but I must say I have a good reason. First my boss ended up in hospital with a kidney stone that took over 4 days to get rid of. I sat with her at our local hospital for 2 days then they decided to sent her a different hospital where they blasted the stone.

After her recovery, it was my turn to end up in hospital. My poor husband thought I was trying to be funny on April 1st, waking him at 4 am to take me into the hospital. I'm funny but not that funny. My hiatus hernia is giving me much trouble and I still do not know when things will truly be back to normally. I'm seeing my doctor this week and a specialist in June.

As you can see I did get a little tatting done between hospital visits. This is my first try at tatting with two colours of thread. It is an edge pattern from a reprint book of Anne Orr. This I'm counting as motif #17.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009






T is the nickname we gave our son. He was and still is the best birthday gift I have ever received. Love you buddy. Mom

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm here, I'm here!!!!

Hello Everyone!!! Yes I'm still here. Been very busy with projects and helping with a friend who ended up in hospital will kidney stones. Ouch!!!

First I must say that I.... (I mean my son) received an A+ on the plant cell project. Yay!!!!!

Last night I was talking to a tatting friend and she was thanking me for a card I sent to her for Spring. It had a garden fence with flowers and a Celtic butterfly on it. And it got me thinking that I did not have anything for St. Patty's Day. So I took the link chain rings from the center of the butterfly and added dimples to them and came up with these Celtic clover leafs. This was the first time I have done dimples. They are made in DMC size 30 and make a nice pair of earrings.

You may think your seeing this again but it is only the center you seeing again. It is from my motif #8. I have taken this and added to it. I added 16 of the mini motifs and added an outer edge to finish is off. I'm very happy how it turned out. Here's hoping my sister-in-law likes it. It's going to be one of her birthday gifts.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What we do for our kids....

Ladies and Gentlemen The Incredible Edible Plant Cell!!!!!! This was my sons science project about the plant cell. The doughnut hole is the nucleus, the icing is the cell wall and the baked outer crust is the cell membrane etc... It was fun doing the project with him. Soon he will be in high school and not need me anymore. OHHHH! Now I'm sad, I think I need to eat some cake!!!LOL

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Doily Pattern

On my last posting I forgot to say that the St. Pat's Doily is by Heather Johnston and can be found at Have fun.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Motif 15 and 16

This is motif #15 made in Alkin Basit size 30 and is pattern called St. Pat. (My favorite) I added 2 row of my own making it about 5 1/4" is size.
This doily is about 8 1/2" in size made from Royal cotton size 30. The pattern is from the book called "The Tatter's Treasure Chest". I did a few extra rows to make it larger. I find that I tat with the T.V on and very much lose track of the time but for fun I watched the clock and could not believe that this doily took about 22 hours to do. I could get so much more tatting done if I did not have to sleep at night. LOL. OH WELL!!!!!!!! Later

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've been bad....

Who do I think I am.....

I can't believe I got away with it....

I must have broken som
e laws...

Dare I tell you?

I made a pair of slipper socks for....


Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring is in the air....

This little lady will be motif #12. She is Nancy Tracy's pattern made in DMC 30. As I was tatting her I felt the weather changing maybe by tatting spring things it will make spring come faster. (I hope!!) We have been enjoying some beautiful weather here in southern Ontario with more to come later this week. I do not mind the rain because it washes the snow away.

Now who doesn't love a teddy bear. I think I still have some of my teddy bears from when I was little. (Only a few years ago!!)LOL
This is Heather Johnston pattern. I did one in pink for my niece.

This is motif #13.

This only seems right for my #14th motif and February 14th being this Saturday to tat Georgia's Heart Doily by Georgia Seitz in DMC 30. It gave my the chance to practice split rings.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Motif #9, 10 &11

If you have read my blog in the past you will know I'm a up beat person. So I'm sorry this entry is a little cold. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF SNOW. UNCLE ALREADY. I would have loved to have so much more to show you in tatted items but I have been busy shoveling snow. Even my dog has had enough. Here she is looking for a spot to pee.
My husband had to snowplow a path in the back yard for her.

I think I may have broken some tatting rules when tatting little Ringtrim here. I have never tatted with two colours before and being a needle tatter it was a little harder to follow the pattern. This guy will be motif #9.
He still turned out pretty good. I used DMC size 30.

This pattern is from Debbie Arnolds site ds9designs. He is going to be a birthday gift for someone who is from the U.S. and now lives here in Canada. I made him in size 10 thread.

This is motif #11 and it's Nancy Tracy's pattern and made in DMC size 30. I like to call it my heart of gold.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Little tatting (I mean small!!!)

I do mean small. I'm not use to tatting with size 80 thread but thought I would give it a try. I think it is a little harder to needle tat with small threads. I do have an ultra thin needle for this type of thin thread but I find it is hard to hold on. This will be Motif #6
With a lot of people tatting hearts I thought I would put my one cent in. I did make two of these hearts for a pair of earrings for myself. They are from Rachel Jackson pattern called Celtic Valentine Heart Earrings.

I also tatted this heart in Altin Basak.
This will be Motif #7.

This doily is called "That Medallion Again". It makes you go back to the first medallion we all learned when we first started to tat. This will be Motif #8

And I must say, I'm so spoiled. When visiting my best friend Pat today she gave me this beautiful table cloth. She bought it about 25 years ago at an estate sale and knew that by giving it to me it would be treasured. It will be very very treasured, much like her friendship!!!!! Thanks Pat.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Motif #5

I have not been able to tat much lately. My son is looking into which high school he would like to attend this September. We have been going to Open houses and reading schedules and fulling out paper work. I did have a girl friend ask me to tat a doily for her but she did not want the middle tatted because it is to go under a lamp. So I cut out a piece of fabric and add a tatted edge. The final measurement is 10". The only problem is that she liked it so much she now would like 3 more.

I'm still tatting snowflakes and am now thinking I should stop because our little town just received 24" more of snow and maybe it my fault.LOL

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Shuttle draw

Hi Everyone

Just wanted all to know that Sherry at is having a free draw for one of her hand make shuttles. If you have not seen them they are beautiful. Thanks Sherry.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snowflake Motif #4

I love having snow days from work. On Wednesday we had about 10 cm of snowflakes with freezing rain. With my house work done, laundry finished, hot chocolate at my side and tatting needle ready I was off and going. I joined the band wagon and tatted Jon's Quantiesque snowflake. I know snowflakes are not this colour but I like how they go together. I really enjoyed tatting this snowflake. Thanks Jon!!!!

The greeny yellow doily is one of my favorite patterns by Heather Johnston called St. Pat's. The thread is a HDT I purchased from Karey at the Fridge Elements Tatting weekend workshop which took place September 2008.