Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some tatting has been done!!!

Yes it is true I have been doing some tatting!!!

But first we have a picture of the goodie I received from The Piney Woods Tatter`s blog. It was a weekend giveaway I won!!!

I can not wait to start a new project with some of my goodies! Thank you Rachel for doing your wonderful giveaways and for your caring note!!

Here we have an ornament I did 4 years ago at the first Fringe weekend attended. It is a Debbie Arnold project. That year I made more than 6 of them for X-mas gifts.

And here are 2 I just finished last week! I really do love this pattern!!

Well I must go!! Time for some laundry and more tatting!! I have much to do before Fridays surgery! Blog to you later!!
Tatfully Yours

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello to all in Tat Land

The closer the surgery becomes the busier I become! Just got the pre-op done along with the blood work. Also had to buy a special leg elevator pillow for after the operation.
But I have been able to do some knitting and tatting too.

Can you guess what these are?!?


I hate having cold feet and I will not be able to wear socks after Nov. 4th so I came up with these little toe toppers to help keep my toes warm!! What do you think?

Next we have the ``Magic Square``. Norm with the Fringe shared this pattern with my friend Pat and she shared it with me. I love this piece!! It is done in one pass and is easy but a challenge all in one. The rings and chains are all the same through out the piece but you really have to pay attention to where you do your joins. I did this in size 10 Lizabeth, colour autumn spice!!

And here we have some test tatting I did for Lily at ``The Eye Candy for Crafters``. Really enjoyed doing these earrings. Might have to make some for X-Mas gifts!!

Speaking of test tatting if anyone needs some done and are not in too much of a rush, I could do some for you.(That is if you trust a needle tatter!! Looking your way Jane!! Hee hee)
I hope to be able to think straight and start work on anything about the middle of November. If interested in putting me to work for you just email me. (address found in my profile)

Must run! Time for work!!
Tatfully Yours

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What can I say?

Hi Everyone in Tat Land

What can I say....I know I was to blog more often but this thing called life is getting in my way of blogging and tatting. Lets see first I was very busy helping with the Fringe tatting weekend. Both before and helping out with the event. Things went really well and everyone had a great time. (I have pictures of my goodies I show you shortly). Next the STRESS levels around here have been very high!!!! My job is closing down the end of October and with this I had to tell my hubby. He took the news ok. I was really hoping I would have had a new job before I had to tell him. The one I was waiting for didn`t come through.

In the end it was probably for the best I didn`t get the job as I am going in for surgery November 4th on my left ankle and will not be able to get around to well for a while!!!

I know it is alot to take in but I have been able to get some tatting done and even a little knitting too. But first some pictures of the goodies I got at the Fringes Tatting weekend!!!

I was lucky enough to win this copy of 25 Years of the Ring of Tatters.

Here are some books I treated myself to.

And of course I had to purchase some more thread!!!! The ones in the middle are HDT from Karey!!

Lastly the knitting I got done. This sweater is for a special little girl. I just have to sew on the buttons and get it in the mail!!

Thanks for letting me bend you ear for a bit. I hope I didn`t come off as being a big downer!! I know things could be worst!! And because it is Thanksgiving here in Canada I am getting off the pity train and just be thankful for my family and my wonderful friends. (That means you guys in Tat Land too!!!!!!)


Tatfully Yours Kelly