Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Hello to one and all!!

Here is a quick update of what I have been up to!

This is the new logo for the Fringe Element Tatters group!! I have been working on this for many months but now it is done!! I have tatted and re tatted this so often I am starting to have night mares of hearts and beads chasing me!! Thanks to my talented computer tech son we were able to clean up and prepare this logo for the group. It was voted in just the other day!!

Next we have the doily I have also been working on!! This one is slow going for me. The thread is Coats size 30. The needle I am using is thinner too so my poor fingers has been poked and stabbed a lot. I am off work today so I am hoping to get most of this one done today because I have something else I would like to be working on.

And here it is!! The hankie is a thrift store find. It only cost .50¢. Do you like the thread and beads I picked to go with this? Do you have any ideas of what might look better?

Best be going and get back to the doily!! Hope you are having a great day in your part of Tat Land!!
Tattfully Yours

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hope you had a good one!!

Hello to one and all

I hope all moms in Tat Land had a good Mothers Day!! Mine was nice and quiet!! Hubby was out of town and that gave me time to tat!!

This is the finished center table scarf. The whole edging is made up of chains only. A little different for me.

Here is a close up of the corner showing the edging better!! I found the pattern on the tatting index page but it had no name on. Only a diagram and the title name was ``gunby``. I did change the second row by added stitches to the side work. I used size 20 DMC Cebelia.

And of course my son picked me up a plant for Mothers Day and a chocolate bar. (Boy, does he know his mother or what!!)

This a new doily I am working on!! It is from one of the books I received from Jane last week! The thread is size 30 Coats. I am only on row 6 of 9 and then there is a finishing edging to it all. This is going to take me a while to do!!

Here is a question for you!! How old does something have to be, before it called vintage? I know that the lady who gave me this thread had bought it back in the early 8o`s and I am not sure if it still available. Let me know! I was just wondering!

Tats all for now!! Back to tatting on this doily! More later.
Tatfully Yours Kelly

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mail call...

Hello All

I just had to share with you what the mail man delivered on Monday!!

This package came all the way from the UK. Now it was not a surprise or anything like that because I was expecting it.

That wonderful lady we all know as Jane did me a BIG favor and picked up two collectors set of the Royal Wedding stamps. One for my hubby and one for my boss. But before the stamps were available, Jane was selling off some extra tatting books to who ever would like them. I got my name on 2 of the them and they were all mailed together.
There are alot of patterns that I can not wait to start working on from these books. Thanks Jane for all your help!!

But first I have to finish working on this piece of cloth I picked up at the thrift store of only $1.25. It measures 10``x16`` and I am using DMC Cebelia, I think the thread colour works well with the stitching on the cloth!!

Well that is all for now. Take care everyone in Tat Land!!
Tatfully Yours