Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fringe Tatters weekend

Good Morning Tatters

Very important news to share with you!!!

The Fringe Element Tatters have the registration up for this years 10th Anniversary tatting weekend!! The event is held in Cambridge Ontario, September 25th and 26th at the Best Western!!

Here is the list of wonderful teachers we have lined up for this special event:
 Vicki Clarke   (Canada)
 Judith Connors  (Australia)
Jane Eborall   (UK)
Brenda Franklin   (Canada)
Heather Lickley   (UK)
letje Jackovich   (Canada)
Kaye Judt   (USA)
Norm Reid   (Canada)
Georgia Seitz   (USA)
Nathalie Vacaresse   (Canada)
Jennifer Williams   (UK)

Be sure to get you registration form in early as class sizes are limited.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Tatfully Yours