Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hello everyone

We had a great long weekend here in Canada!! I spent time with both family and friends.
I made a trip into Toronto and did some bead shopping and then home with the family enjoying the outside and doing some bbqing!!!

Today I have Pinky to show you!!!

This one of Janes patterns and she is very kindly letting me teach her this September at the Fringe Tatters weekend.

I do have more to show but just not the time. Hopefully later this week!
Bye for now.
Tatfully Yours

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

On my way!!!!

Morning Tat-Land

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend and got to do some tatting too!!

I have decided to join the group of tatters and start tatting "Spring Doily"!

Work started last night and I think it is going well! I am using size 20 Lizbeth threads with a beautiful hand dyed thread from Karey Solomon.

What is on your needle or shuttle now?

Have a good day!! 
Tatfully Yours

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hello Everyone

On my last post if you guessed the bird on the left was needle tatted you were right!!!

I have been busy with many different tatting projects lately but I just had to share with you the big SCORE I just made at a little thrift store in town.

The box had over 100 hankies in it!!!! And here is the big news......I only paid $10.00 for the whole thing!!! Some I will keep but I think some with end up in raffle prizes for the Fringe tatting event!

I just love getting great finds like this!! Have you found anything neat lately where you live?

Have a great day!
Tatfully Yours

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You can.........

And I can too......
Look out I'm back!! I really didn't go to far but things do get nuts and sometimes you have to give something up just to stop from going nuts too.
I am still doing lots of tatting (that will never change!!!) And I thought today of all days was just as good as any to restart blogging again!!!

Happy International Tat Day!!!!!

I was at my friend Ruths' house this past weekend and seeing a very hard working BC3 did a pattern for her we decided to give it a good run (or fly)!!

Lets see if you can tell which toucan is needle tatted and shuttle tatted!!

We had a get time working this guy up and fun shopping too!! But more on that later!!!

Have a great day and eat some chocolate (and tat too!!)
Tatfully Yours Kelly