Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello All

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year. As for myself I may stay up and party to ohhh 9:50 or maybe 9:55 if I make it.

Happy New Year to all my family and friends!

All the best to all my blogging and tatting friends!!!

Tatfully Yours

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hello to All

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!!!

Will be posting more later. We have been having computer problem and stuff so I update you all soon!!

Have a good one!!

Tatfully Yours

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello Everyone

I know it has been a while. Last time I blogged, I was waiting for some thread to arrive. Well it did but because it was nothing wonderful, so I didn`t blog about it. It was just some size 10 DMC Cebelia, in white, dk green and burgundy. My girlfriend Pat is having a craft show coming up the end of November and first weekend in December and I have been busy getting things made for the sale!!

First we have three, of some 9 bookmarks I have made in Lizbeth size 20 threads. Pattern is by LaRae Mikulecky called Lacy Bookmark. I love doing this one and it looks great in all thread colours.

Of course you have to have tree and wreath ornaments to sell.

I have tatted over 2 dozen snowflake ornaments. They are a pattern by Sharon Briggs called Beaded Snowflake. I did different types with less picots and different beads and pearls and colours of thread.
The angel is a Carolyn Groves on Georgia Seitz site. I love this little lady. All of these are made with the Cebelia threads.

Next is Rachel Jacksons`Poinsettia/Star Flower Earring pattern. The glitter is nail polish I had. I think it adds just enough glitter.

With all this Christmas stuff to think about, there was one song that would not leave my mind until I tatted `Hippy`here. I think you can guess what that song was!! Thanks Jane for this great pattern and for getting the song out of my head!! LOL

Last but not least I came up with this table decoration to hold your knife, fork and spoon on the dinner table. They just need some stitching on the edge and maybe some tatting added. What do you think? The only thing is to make sure that my guests don`t think they are for them to take. They are just for decorating!!!

Well time to go and get back to work

Tatfully Yours Kelly

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waiting on the post.


I have been waiting for an order of thread to arrive and when it did not arrive on Tuesday I took it as a sign that I should tat the edging on the hankie and make another baby bonnet.

My mother is going to the baby shower on Saturday and I was sitting on the fence if I should make this or not. But seeing that time allowed it, off I started.

So here it is!! The first one I made when out in the mail the other day. I am also going to share the poem that goes with this Heirloom Hankie.

Heirloom Hankie

At first a hankie small and white,
Folded square and stitched just right,
A baby bonnet was made of me,
So a family heirloom, I could be.

Worn home from hospital or christening day,
I'm pressed with care and packed away.
When the lovely bride needs something "old",
They'll snip my threads and I'll unfold.

On the wedding day this gift of joy,
Will even suit a baby boy;
Alas he too will marry,
And this hankie will be his bride's to carry.

Just a short note to up date you what I have been up too!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Monday...

Well, what does one do, on holiday Monday, after eating too much turkey on Sunday?!?

Tat of course!!!!!!

When I first laid my eyes on this Lizbeth thread called Autumn Spice (size 20), I knew what pattern I wanted to do with it! Mary Konior`s Spinning Wheel glass mat from her book Tatting with Visual Patterns!! It measures about 5 inches across.

Next up we have a little crochet piece I saved. It came to me from an older lady who wanted me to finish the larger piece for a table cloth. She gave me all her crochet threads and said I could do what I liked with it. Little did she know her daughter wanted to larger piece because her mother had done it and did not care if it was finished but just cleaned up a little. So I carefully cut away some of the unfinished work and was able to leave her with a table cloth about 4`x4`. I got this little piece (15 inches x 18 inches) and finished the edges for a table mat for my dinning table!!

So that is what I did with my Monday off. Not to bad!! And you are right if you guessed we will be having left over turkey for dinner tonight!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!!!

Tatfully Yours Kelly

Monday, October 4, 2010

More from the Fringe...


I was hoping to get these last pictures posted earlier but we had a rough weekend (son was in the hospital for a spell) and now I have a lovely cold to top things off.
So on with the show!!!

These first couple of pictures are of raffle prizes I won. From them I have many X-mas gifts planned!!

And of course I did some shopping!! I love HDT, don`t you?

I didn`t just teach but did get to take a class from Kaye and I was able to finish this bracelet in the class time. Always love it when that happens! I am still working on Susans`napkin ring holder. Hope to be finished it soon!

Now do not get the wrong idea. Just because I purchased a shuttle it does not mean I am going to give up my needles. This shuttle was made special for the Fringe for its 5th Anniversary and it was so beautiful I could not pass it up. It will be a great keep sake.

Well that is all I have from the Fringe Tatting weekend!! I have other things to share but I need a cup of tea and maybe a nap. I`ll post what I have been up to another day.

Hope all is well in our part of Tat Land!!!

Tatfully Yours Kelly

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One surprise after another

Hello there!!!

Well, I am home from Cambridge and have caught up on my sleep and am ready to share with you my great weekend!!
It was full of one surprise after another!!!

First, it always a welcome surprise when you see just how happy people are to see you again.
And there is aways neat surprises in the goodie bag you get when you arrive.

I love seeing what the vendors brought with them. I love shopping for new threads and books!! Many of the vendors stepped up and brought extra with them as one of the vendors could not make it this year.

The tatting class I did went surprisingly well. I must thank Pamela of Needle Tatting and Other Nonsense for letting me use her Cameo pattern for the class. Many of the students were able to finish their piece and were very pleased with themselves. It made me feel really good to hear -I think I got it! and -I have learned so much from you this weekend. Also to see them sharing with others what they made in my class. It leaves you with a good feeling!!!

But the BIGGEST surprise came on Saturday afternoon. I was getting ready for an afternoon class when I was called over by Ruth, only to have someone stand up and say- HI it`s ........FOX!!! This was the first time we got to meet face to face. We did try earlier this year but plans fell through. I had no idea she was coming out!!! And she wanted me to show her some needle tatting stitches. She made my whole weekend when she told me that she only came out because she know I was going to be there. That blew me away!!! Thank you so much for that!!

I have other pictures to show you but did not want to have this blog entry go on for pages, so I will share the pictures of the raffle winnings and purchases I did in a few days!!

I did have a big surprise when a got home. My boys had vacuumed the house and had all the dishes washed up. WOW!!!!

And of course the cat missed me, I think? I believe the look on her face is saying-just because your home does not mean you are getting your craft chair back!

More later! Tatfully Yours Kelly

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun WOW!!!!!!

Hello Everyone in Tat Land

These last few days my mind has been fulled with the excitement of this up coming weekend in Cambridge for the Fringe Tatters tatting weekend. I always look sooooo forward to this time but last week I received a little bad news. One of the teachers was in a car accident and is on doctors orders to be off her feet for 6 or more weeks. So the guild has a substitute teacher coming in to do something with her class. Well, I know this` sub` and I am not sure if she is up to the challenge!! She is a nice enough person but I know she as never taught needle tatting before!!!

Have you guessed who the sub teacher is? Yes, that is right. It is ME!!!!! So I have been busy trying to come up with different techniques to teach on Saturday morning. I have been told that some of the students would have just had their first needle tatting class on Friday. So I have come up with a range of items with hopes that there is something of everyone. I really would like to thank Pamela Needle Tatting and Other Nonsense for her permission to use her Cameo pattern for teaching.

So I am asking everyone out there to keep their fingers crossed and send me good thoughts this weekend!!!

Thanking you all in advance!! Your the best!!
Tatfully Yours Kelly

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello Everyone

WOW!!!! What a weekend! We had beautiful weather for the wedding on Saturday!!

This first picture is of my hair with the clip I made. It took the girl at the salon about one hour to put all the curls in. And it took me about two hours to brush them out on Sunday so I could wash my hair. I am luck to have any hair left on my head!!

This is an over view of the tent area where the wedding and reception took place. It was on the grooms family farm.

And this is the bride signing her life away. With the groom to the left and best man in the middle.

I`m just kidding about signing your life away. They made a lovely couple. And I am sure they will have a long happy life together!!!

Next on my calender is the tatting weekend in Cambridge with the Fringe Tatters on the 24th and 25th this month! I always look forward to this weekend. We have so much fun and of course the shopping and classes are great!

I`ll tat to you later.

Tatfully Yours

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby bonnet and Sweater

Good Morning Everyone

I know what you are thinking! You have seen this before but there is a twist to this hankie. It`s magic.

Folded just right. Stitched here and there. Then some ribbon added.

It has become a baby bonnet!!!! There is a very cute poem that goes with this but I am going to save that for later. I have one more bonnet to make for a baby that is not arriving until later this year!!!

I was also able to finish Pat`s hankie this weekend. Hope she likes it!!

And this is the baby sweater my mother asked me to make. I still have the bonnet and booties to knit. But will likely start them on Saturday on the long drive to the nieces wedding.

Well must run!! Late start for work today, so I have just enough time for a cup of tea and an english muffin. Then go go go!!!

Tatfully Yours

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update time

Good Morning Everyone

It surprises me how quickly time goes by. This end of summer has been very busy around this house! Everything seems to be going on all with-in a short time span.

*August 21 Had a great family bbq. The only thing was, we did get some rain but I could not control that!!! Hubby was great. He talked to my uncles and cousins. He did a wonderful job at cooking the food and most important he made sure that my drinky poo did not get empty!!! Good man!!!!!!

*We had a funeral to go to on August 24 for a friends father.

*On the 28th we went to a party for a 25th wedding anniversary.

*My son and his girlfriend has been wanting to get together more lately, so that means a lot more time driving on the highway.

*School is starting soon (September 7th). So that means more shopping!!

*Wedding for hubbys`niece is coming up (September 11th).

And I have the Fringe Element tatting weekend coming on September 24th and 25th to get ready for. I need to take inventory of my books and threads so I do not over buy from the vendors..... Who am I kidding? Is there such a thing as over buying when it comes to tatting supplies? I didn`t think so!!!!

I have been doing a little tatting. This is a hair clip that I would like to wear for the wedding. I removed the old beads and added tatting to the black velvet base.

My dress is black and I am planning to wear a camel coloured scarf over my shoulders. The pattern is not really a pattern. It is stitch count from one person, a lay out of stitches from someone else and some monkeying around by me to make it work. I have used DMC Cebelia sizes 30 for the black and size 20 in the beige.

I have also made a pair of earrings and pendent to wear but I need your help.

I do not know which chain to wear with the pendent.

Black or Gold.... What do you think?

Hope is all well in your part of Tat Land!! I am in need of a cup of tea and have to get my butt going with that inventory. Good thing I am off work today!!!

Talk to you soon,
Tatfully Yours

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long time no tat :(

Hi Everyone

I am still around but have been getting ready for the family bbq this weekend being hosted by me. As things stand we have about 30 people coming. We provide the hamburgers, sauage and hot dogs with all the fixings and the rest is pot luck. We always have a lot of food and fun!!!

So this week the house work as been first priority. I did get the invite to my hubby`s niece wedding framed. I hope they like it!!!

I also re-framed my wedding invitation (store sample) for the bridal store and will do them as custom orders.

I have pulled out my other needles (knitting) and am working on an outfit as a gift for a November baby. I`ll get some pictures a little later and share them with you.

Well that is about all from this part of Tat Land. Hope everyone is having a great summer!!

Tatfully Yours

P.S. Don`t forget to get registered for this years tatting weekend in Cambridge Ontario, September 24 and 25!! Check the web site for info.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The word is out!!!

That`s right the word got out that I was tatting on hankies and just see all the goodies I have received!

This first collection is from one of my cleaning customers. She is a wonderful lady who came to Canada as a war bride from Ireland and just had her 80th birthday. The hankies in the box are pure Irish Linen. I cann`t wait to work on them!!!

This next group is from a friend of a friend. She did some cleaning and came up with these for me.

This lovely one is my best friends and she has asked me to tat on it for her. Not sure you can see it but the lacy corner has a light green thread colour. So I think I will use green thread for the edging.

I have been doing some tatting. This WIP edging will be going around a wedding invitation for a September gift. My hubbys niece is getting married and one of their gifts will be a framed invitation and a gift card for their new home!! I am hoping to have the gift finished by the end of the week and I`ll show you the pictures then.

I have shaken the family tree to see which nuts will be coming to the family bbq in August, which I am hosting and there is so much to do!! My father and I have been working on the family tree and it is just about done. Then there is the housework to do. I rip my house apart and give it a really good cleaning. Yes I am the biggest nut in the family (I think)!!!

Have a great week!!!

Tatfully Yours

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am not a cry baby....

Just because I am still tatting on hankies does not make me a cry baby! Does it!?!

I have just finished these two hankie and just have to press them and package them for the bridal store. I have noticed lately that a few tatters have been tatting edges for hankie too and that they tat the edging first then sew it on. I was wondering if I am doing my hankie correctly? I attach the lace as I am tatting it. Maybe its because I am using a basic pattern or that I am a needle tatter. I like to use the KISS method myself. (Keep It Simple Silly) If the pattern is to detailed it will take to long to do and I will never make any money that way.

We have had a break from the hot humid weather here in southern Ontario and are greatly for it. It is hard to tat when your hands swell with the humid and the fan keeps blowing the thread around! I hope to get some tatting done today. I am off work and just dropped my son off at his on-line girlfriends house for their first face to face meeting. I am a wreck and need to keep myself busy or I will go crazy. (I`ve been told its a short drive!!)

Hope all is well in your part of Tat Land!!

Tatfully Yours

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can it be to hot...

Hello Everyone in Tat Land

Can it be to hot to tat. Well maybe not the tatting itself but pattern following. When you are uncomfortable it is hard to think of anything else than being cool. We do not have air conditioning at home, so I try to think about the cleaning customers, we have the next day, who have A/C. So I can look forward to work, in a small way.

I think my cat has the right idea here. Sleep when you can. I have had a hard time sleeping at night. I know, it is not the heat but the humidity. (Throw in a hot flash or two). I sometimes feel like screaming!!!!

I did get some tatting done before the weather turned so hot. I hope you can see these hankies ok. I was so happy to get them finished and packaged for the bridal store. I had forgotten to take their picture before the packages were closed.

I would love to start tatting on these white hankies I just received from Handy Hands but with the heat, I would be washing my hands every 5 minutes and that would add a lot of time to making them.

I just could not help myself. I went back into the thrift store the other day and I found more treasure. I picked up these hankies with blue stitching on them for 4/$1.00. Who could pass that up?

Hope everyone is well and staying cool.

Tatfully Yours

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello Everyone in Tat Land

Yes it is Canada Day here and our town does not hold back with the celebrations!!!! We have a 4 day waterfront festival. Fire works on the 1st! Skydivers and music in the band shelter. With art tents, craft tents, market place and most important beer tents. I do admit I do enjoy a nice cold one on a hot day but I do cut it with ginger ale. I believe it is called a Shanty!?!

I am still tatting on the hankie treasures I had found at a thrift store and will show you in a day or two before they go to the bridal store. Right now it is a little hard to tat because......

I just did my nails and I cann`t do a thing with them. Right now I am typing very carefully!!! LOL

Hope all is well in Tat Land and Happy 4th of July to all my US friends!!!


Friday, June 25, 2010

What is she doing posting on a Friday?

I know, I know. I should be at work today but I`m not. My boss`s son is getting married today so no work for Kelly!!! This is both good and bad (mostly good). First the bad was cleaning 5 house on Thursday, then I cleaned my parents (as they are coming home from holidays) and last but least my house. Now for the good, this means no work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!!!!!! We just do not have customers that fall on the beginning of that week. I`m counting this as my summer holidays. It just will not happen again.

The other bad was that I had another slip and fall. It made working this week fun to say the least. But with time off I should be much better before work on Wednesday next week.
On Thursday I visited some of our local Thrift shop. I am tatting edgings on hankie to sell at the local bridal store. On my first visit I didn`t come across a lot of hankies but I could not past up these doilies. They cost me anything from .50 cents to $1.50 each. Not to bad. They do need a good washing before I tat. Maybe some will be Christmas presents!?

I normally grocery shop on Saturdays but I would like to sleep in a little this weekend so I shopped this morning and came across this napkins at another thrift store. And yes the price does say 6/$1.50. These are not really napkins in my mind because they only measure 10x10. More like a hankie size.
Then in the same store I found this treasure!!!!! 6 linen napkins for $8.00. Really linen. I cann`t wait to wash these and start tatting on them!!!!!!!! They measure 11x11 inch.

Sounds like all I have been doing is shopping!!! But I have been doing a little tatting too. This is one of the finished hankies for the bridal store. I was thinking of pricing it at $25.00. What do you think? It took about 2 hours to tat. I used Lizbeth size 20 thread.
Well time for a cup of tea and get washing up my finds and start looking for some patterns.

Hope all is well in your neck of Tatland!!!

Tatfully Yours

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It is amazing what one can do.......

Yes it is amazing what one can do when off work for the day and a Tuesday too!!!!

I made lunches, let the dog in and out all day, vacuumed main floor, have done two blog postings and took a messy craft room from this.....

scary isn`t it!!!!!!!!

To this wonder of clean. Plus I know where things are too!!!!

And of course, I just didn`t start the invention (with tatting) but I finished it!! I hope the bride and groom like this gift from my boss. Most of all I hope my boss likes it.

Well I must go and start dinner and have a cup of tea. A wonder women`s work is never done. LOL

Tatfully Your Kelly