Monday, July 26, 2010

The word is out!!!

That`s right the word got out that I was tatting on hankies and just see all the goodies I have received!

This first collection is from one of my cleaning customers. She is a wonderful lady who came to Canada as a war bride from Ireland and just had her 80th birthday. The hankies in the box are pure Irish Linen. I cann`t wait to work on them!!!

This next group is from a friend of a friend. She did some cleaning and came up with these for me.

This lovely one is my best friends and she has asked me to tat on it for her. Not sure you can see it but the lacy corner has a light green thread colour. So I think I will use green thread for the edging.

I have been doing some tatting. This WIP edging will be going around a wedding invitation for a September gift. My hubbys niece is getting married and one of their gifts will be a framed invitation and a gift card for their new home!! I am hoping to have the gift finished by the end of the week and I`ll show you the pictures then.

I have shaken the family tree to see which nuts will be coming to the family bbq in August, which I am hosting and there is so much to do!! My father and I have been working on the family tree and it is just about done. Then there is the housework to do. I rip my house apart and give it a really good cleaning. Yes I am the biggest nut in the family (I think)!!!

Have a great week!!!

Tatfully Yours

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am not a cry baby....

Just because I am still tatting on hankies does not make me a cry baby! Does it!?!

I have just finished these two hankie and just have to press them and package them for the bridal store. I have noticed lately that a few tatters have been tatting edges for hankie too and that they tat the edging first then sew it on. I was wondering if I am doing my hankie correctly? I attach the lace as I am tatting it. Maybe its because I am using a basic pattern or that I am a needle tatter. I like to use the KISS method myself. (Keep It Simple Silly) If the pattern is to detailed it will take to long to do and I will never make any money that way.

We have had a break from the hot humid weather here in southern Ontario and are greatly for it. It is hard to tat when your hands swell with the humid and the fan keeps blowing the thread around! I hope to get some tatting done today. I am off work and just dropped my son off at his on-line girlfriends house for their first face to face meeting. I am a wreck and need to keep myself busy or I will go crazy. (I`ve been told its a short drive!!)

Hope all is well in your part of Tat Land!!

Tatfully Yours

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can it be to hot...

Hello Everyone in Tat Land

Can it be to hot to tat. Well maybe not the tatting itself but pattern following. When you are uncomfortable it is hard to think of anything else than being cool. We do not have air conditioning at home, so I try to think about the cleaning customers, we have the next day, who have A/C. So I can look forward to work, in a small way.

I think my cat has the right idea here. Sleep when you can. I have had a hard time sleeping at night. I know, it is not the heat but the humidity. (Throw in a hot flash or two). I sometimes feel like screaming!!!!

I did get some tatting done before the weather turned so hot. I hope you can see these hankies ok. I was so happy to get them finished and packaged for the bridal store. I had forgotten to take their picture before the packages were closed.

I would love to start tatting on these white hankies I just received from Handy Hands but with the heat, I would be washing my hands every 5 minutes and that would add a lot of time to making them.

I just could not help myself. I went back into the thrift store the other day and I found more treasure. I picked up these hankies with blue stitching on them for 4/$1.00. Who could pass that up?

Hope everyone is well and staying cool.

Tatfully Yours

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hello Everyone in Tat Land

Yes it is Canada Day here and our town does not hold back with the celebrations!!!! We have a 4 day waterfront festival. Fire works on the 1st! Skydivers and music in the band shelter. With art tents, craft tents, market place and most important beer tents. I do admit I do enjoy a nice cold one on a hot day but I do cut it with ginger ale. I believe it is called a Shanty!?!

I am still tatting on the hankie treasures I had found at a thrift store and will show you in a day or two before they go to the bridal store. Right now it is a little hard to tat because......

I just did my nails and I cann`t do a thing with them. Right now I am typing very carefully!!! LOL

Hope all is well in Tat Land and Happy 4th of July to all my US friends!!!