Tuesday, November 22, 2011

High fashion foot wear!!!

Hello one and all!!!

Well I have made it through my first two weeks of having my foot in the air and I have just received my new fashion boot for the rest of my recovery! I`m styling now!! The doctor says I can start walking on it but I think I will start off slowly. Stairs really scare me!!

Next I have a picture of some of the snowflakes I have been working on!! With much inspiration from ``The Piney Woods Tatter`` I have been doing interlocking chain-ring centers for these snowflakes!! I `m using size 10 thread with e beads and have made about 20 of them so far!!

Well that is all for now!! Time to try out this walker boot and take a tour to the other side of the bedroom!! Wish me luck!!

Tatfully Yours

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I`m fine how are you?!

Hello Everyone in Tat Land

I`m doing well and can actual do some tatting too.

Here is the view visitors see when they come up the stairs of my house!!

And this other picture is my view of my poor old foot!!

This is the piece I am tatting right now. I decided to try the ``Yes U Can`` doily!! Many many thanks to Diane that Lace Love`n Librarian!! She has added (to her site) her stitch count of this doily to help with the doily work!! I couldn`t do this with your notes Diane THANK YOU!!

I am taking Diane`s advice on the 3rd round and changing the stitch count of the inner rings from 3ds to 2ds. The doily is waving a little but not to bad!! I`m using Coats size 20 thread.

Well that all for now!! I am getting a little tired and may need my afternoon nap!!
Take care!! More later!!
Tatfully Yours

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hello all

Just a quick update!!! The surgery went well but I have put in a very bad day today!! I just tell myself things can only get better!!!

Update you later this week!!

Tatfully Yours