Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Now what has Kelly been up too.....

Hi Everyone

I know it has been a little while between blogs but things and time just get away from me!!! I am blogging today, one because I have a little time before the family gets home and second because I just can't tat right now. It is not because I don't want to tat but I have injured my left index finger. I had a Pampered Chef cooking party at my house on Saturday and found out just how sharp the knifes are. It is not too bad but is a little painful to tat with right now.

But before this injury I have been tatting snowflake for a craft sale my girlfriend is having starting November 21st. I have finished a dozen of each snowflake above. And still need to tat 12 in white thread with red beads. The pattern is called "Threes Snowflake" by Jeanne Lugert.

I have also tatted a dozen of this snowflake. I found it on Georgia's site but they were learning to bead. I did not use beads in mine.

Last but least I have tatted about 6 of this bookmark in different colours. Its called Lacy bookmark by LaRae Mikulecky. I really enjoy this pattern because I can still watch TV and tat at the sometime.

Well tats all for now. The boy is home and looking for food. (If you have a teenager in your house you know what I mean!!!)

Please leave a comment. I love it when you do!!!!!

Happy Tatting

P.S. Sherry is doing her Monday giveaway so be sure to enter.


  1. Lovely snowflakes! Good luck on the craft show!

  2. I love that snowflake. I have done it a few times - it is in the Myra Piper book : 'Tatting'.
    Fox : )