Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Girl.....

Hello Everyone

I have been a good girl and have stayed out of the sun for two days. So that means I have some tatting to show. This is made from size 20 DMC thread and it is cameo pendant pattern from Pam's site also know as Needle Tatting and Other Nonsense.

I enjoyed that pattern so much I did these earrings, in size 60 thread. I think they came out very pretty.

Then I went a little crazy and tatted the cameo in HDT size 20 that I bought last year from Karey Solomon at the Fringe Element tatting weekend in Cambridge, Ont.

This last one I tatted in the same HDT thread but instead of 8 repeat of Victorian stitch I only did 6 repeats. I have not decided if I will put a charm in the middle or not.

I am enjoying this pattern so much that I think there will be more to be seen in the next few days. Thanks Pam for the pattern.

Tat on!!!


  1. Love the colours and the cameo!!!!!

  2. Oh, yes, the SUNBURN from HE...double hockey sticks...I remember that picture. I hope it's healing well. Is it? How are you doing? Your tatting looks nice. At least your enjoying that while your staying out of the sun! Hopefully you've stocked up on sunscreen for the remaining Spring and summer months??? Sorry that's my Mother voice coming out. ;)
    ~TattingChic ♥