Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I know, I know. But I can explain......

I know it has been a while between blog postings but life with a teenager and cleaning for seniors has taken its toll on me these past few weeks. Also a birthday party for my mother-in-law. About 3 weeks ago we had one of our dear seniors past away and a little later that week my teenage son was punched by someone at school. (Lets just say it was below the belt!) Then the birthday party that my sister in laws started to plan was handed over to my husband and I. But now I have all this behind me and I can get back to doing something I love!!!!


This is Pam's pattern I am still doing and enjoying!!! This set is made with size 30 thread DMC. I am taking part in the Fringes' Tatting Exchange and this lovely set is on its way to Australia. I hope she likes it.


This next piece I am also enjoying doing. It is from the "Tatting with Visual Patterns" by Mary Konior book that I received in my last order from Handy Hands. Not sure how big I'm going to make it. We will have to wait and see.

Time to get ready for work!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!!

P.S. Don't forget to check out the Fringe Elements web site. http://fringetatters.ca/ If you click on the Tat Days button you can get the info and print out the registration form for the tatting weekend coming this September. Mine is printed, check written and mailed already.

Happy tatting everyone!!!!!!


  1. Lovely MK pattern. really pretty.
    Fox : )

  2. Your earring is really pretty. Do you work at an assisted living home like I do? I noticed you mentioned "seniors", and I work with seniors, too. It's a very rewarding job and I love it!