Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby bonnet and Sweater

Good Morning Everyone

I know what you are thinking! You have seen this before but there is a twist to this hankie. It`s magic.

Folded just right. Stitched here and there. Then some ribbon added.

It has become a baby bonnet!!!! There is a very cute poem that goes with this but I am going to save that for later. I have one more bonnet to make for a baby that is not arriving until later this year!!!

I was also able to finish Pat`s hankie this weekend. Hope she likes it!!

And this is the baby sweater my mother asked me to make. I still have the bonnet and booties to knit. But will likely start them on Saturday on the long drive to the nieces wedding.

Well must run!! Late start for work today, so I have just enough time for a cup of tea and an english muffin. Then go go go!!!

Tatfully Yours


  1. Those hanky bonnets are so sweet. I've been thinking of knitting some scarves for the young'n's around here. Got a very pretty yarn on clearance. I like your new background!

  2. Neat idea for a bonnet! The hankie looks great! And some baby is going to be stylishly warm this fall. :)

  3. Hi, Kelly!
    It's all so pretty, but I particularly like Pat's hanky. Lovely work.

    I must say you are proficient with an iron! My stuff never has that really crisp look. I am in awe! (Tatting is the only thing that can drive me to even touching one of those beasts!)
    Fox : )