Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waiting on the post.


I have been waiting for an order of thread to arrive and when it did not arrive on Tuesday I took it as a sign that I should tat the edging on the hankie and make another baby bonnet.

My mother is going to the baby shower on Saturday and I was sitting on the fence if I should make this or not. But seeing that time allowed it, off I started.

So here it is!! The first one I made when out in the mail the other day. I am also going to share the poem that goes with this Heirloom Hankie.

Heirloom Hankie

At first a hankie small and white,
Folded square and stitched just right,
A baby bonnet was made of me,
So a family heirloom, I could be.

Worn home from hospital or christening day,
I'm pressed with care and packed away.
When the lovely bride needs something "old",
They'll snip my threads and I'll unfold.

On the wedding day this gift of joy,
Will even suit a baby boy;
Alas he too will marry,
And this hankie will be his bride's to carry.

Just a short note to up date you what I have been up too!


  1. That is lovely!

    You're quite artistic

    I'm sure it will bring much sentiment!

  2. I'm glad you posted the poem because I think it is so cute! Thank you again for the AWESOME bonnet!