Saturday, January 22, 2011

A blog enty for Sandy D.

Hello All or should I say hello to Sandy D.

I have received a comment and e-mails from a Sandy D. but she is not getting my e-mails to her!! I have tried three times and the messages are not getting through. So I guess this blog entry is for Sandy D.

The edging pattern is available at the link above. If it works!!!

I used a 9 inch cotton hankie and attached the lace as I tatted it. I make my own hankie by just sewing a tight zig zag stitch and cutting away the extra fabric. After lace is on the hankie fold it in half put the two fold side corners together and tack. The open corners with the lace, I sandwiched the ribbon in the middle and tacked it. I hope you can follow this (clear as mud)! Here is the poem that goes with it.

At first a hankie-small and white,
Folded square and stitched just right,
A baby bonnet was made of me,
So a family heirloom, I could be.

Worn home from the hospital or christening day,
I`m pressed with care and packed away.
When the lovely bride needs something old,
They`ll snip my threads and I`ll unfold.

On the wedding day this gift of joy,
Will even suit a baby boy:
Also one day he too will marry,
And the hankie will be his brides`s to carry.

I hope you get this Sandy. I didn`t post your comments for the other entries because it had your e-mail address on them and I didn`t want you to get spam from that.

As for the angels you asked about. I got them on line and can not find a link for them. The designer may have removed them from her site.

Tatfully Yours

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