Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I have been tatting really.....

Hello All

Yes I have been tatting but seem to not have time to blog about it. So get ready for a long update!

First we have Sherry`s ``Curly Q`` from her book The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies #2. Done in size 20 HDT thread I picked up at the Fringes Tatting Week last September! I love working this beauty!!

Here I tatted Nancy Tracy`s March 2011 Medallion. Then I took a page from Fox and did part of the pattern on a silver center piece. They were worked with size 20 Lizbeth Leafy Greens.

This next part is also Fox`s fault. I left a comment on her blog about tatting on rings and she said that I could do it too. Well, who does she think she is. So here. Your right Fox I could do it. I guess I showed you!! (hee, hee)

I forgot to count some past items in my challenge so I am going to update my count and say that with these I am up to 10 of 25 of the challenge, 2nd time around.

I do have more but if I don`t get my butt out the door, I`ll be late for work!!

Tat to you later.


  1. Everything looks great! I love that tatted ring! :)

  2. Kelly, You sure showed me! Yes, indeed! : ))

    All of these motifs look wonderful! I Love the one of Nancy's with the silver thing in the centre. Very pretty.

    And the ring? Perfection!!
    ♥ Fox : )