Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Hello to one and all!!

Here is a quick update of what I have been up to!

This is the new logo for the Fringe Element Tatters group!! I have been working on this for many months but now it is done!! I have tatted and re tatted this so often I am starting to have night mares of hearts and beads chasing me!! Thanks to my talented computer tech son we were able to clean up and prepare this logo for the group. It was voted in just the other day!!

Next we have the doily I have also been working on!! This one is slow going for me. The thread is Coats size 30. The needle I am using is thinner too so my poor fingers has been poked and stabbed a lot. I am off work today so I am hoping to get most of this one done today because I have something else I would like to be working on.

And here it is!! The hankie is a thrift store find. It only cost .50¢. Do you like the thread and beads I picked to go with this? Do you have any ideas of what might look better?

Best be going and get back to the doily!! Hope you are having a great day in your part of Tat Land!!
Tattfully Yours


  1. Beautiful doily!
    And you also, have a great day!
    Good Tatting!

  2. That is one fantastic logo! Congrats! It is a real beauty and you must be very proud of yourself!

    Love the yellow flower and I do like how you are going to treat the tatting. Great choice of colour and beads. Can't wait to see what edging you choose.
    Fox : )

    p.s. I might be tempted to throw in a few green beads - just one per repeat placed inconspicuously!

  3. Great logo, very nice doily, and I bet that hanky is going to be beautiful! :)

  4. I love the logo! I also think you chose great colors for your hanky edging. I can hardly wait to see what edging you choose!

  5. I think your hanky will be gorgeous with your choice of thread and bead color. Great logo.