Wednesday, March 6, 2013



I bet many of you have thought that of me. And to be truthful, in a way I have been a little lost!

Lost, is what has been happening in my little part Tat-Land.

My wonderful hubby lost is job in November.
My son has been applying to colleges. So I feel like I will be losing him soon.
We lost one of our family members. Our cat Cassie. RIP
And just now our dog has had surgery and she has lost some of her moving freedom.
I have lost some time having to go and see different doctors and specialist.
I'm feeling a little LOST in the middle of this.

But I am going to turn over a new leaf!!! 
Spring is coming and I must get out of this downward spiral I'm in. I have been tatting and will get back to sharing it with you soon.

And on a bright note I will be teaching at this years Finger Lakes seminar this April!!! So be sure to check out their web site and think about coming out. I would love to meet you!!
I have also been doing some test tatting for a very well known tatter and will sharing more of this in coming blog entries. 

Hope you have not forgotten me completely!!
Tatfully Yours


  1. Wondered where you'd got to. Now to get you inspired and up and tatting again why not break out some SHUTTLES and give it a whirl. OWCH. I felt that slap you just gave me!!!!!!

    1. Nice try Jane....only if you come over here and put them in my hands!! And it wasn't a slap more like a pinch!!

  2. I know the feeling of lost...hope you are found again soon :-) I have missed seeing your posts!

  3. Hi there, Kelly- Cool! I was hoping you would emerge with the Spring! Good to see you...
    NN : ))

  4. Glad to see your post! Sorry to read about your Cassie, and I hope your dog is recovered soon.

  5. I haven't forgotten you, but I have wondered how you've been. I hope everything starts getting better for you soon.

  6. Sending prayers that things will turn around and all will start getting better. Now is the time for you to get your shuttles and threads out and start on a new project. I'll be watching to see what your working on.