Monday, September 9, 2013

Just a little something....

Hello All

Here is a picture of a little something I am working on.

It is from a newsletter publication from Denmark!! At the beginning of August a group of us had a tatting drop-in in Toronto. We were there to meet Anna who is from Denmark and was traveling across Canada. She got in touch with the Fringe and meeting was planned. We had a great time and as a gift Anna had some copies of their newsletters to give to everyone!! I do like getting into a large project so that is why I picked this booklet. The doily I am doing (if I get it all done) will measure about 80cmx80cm or 31.5 inches round. I am using size 20 thread in ecru and Lizbeth size 20 called "Cranberry Bush"! I'll keep you posted on how it is coming along.

In other news, Thomas is all set at college and has put in his first week! The move in went well, with my dads help. I was doing really good until the final good bye but that kid of mine hugged me soooo hard he pushed the tears right out of me. Kids!!!

Hope all is well in your part of Tat-land and you are working on something wonderful!
Tatfully Yours Kelly


  1. Very pretty but oh, so sad to know that it's made with a needle and not properly with a shuttle. Just my opinion and you know you'll get it whether you ask for it or not!!!! Love you, Kelly and so glad you've recovered from Thomas leaving home - for now. He'll be back before long as there's always washing and food that needs doing and eating!!!

    1. Sorry Jane, I don`t think is it sad that it is being done by fact I think it looks better!!! (hee hee)
      You are right about one thing....Thomas will be home before long....he is coming home this weekend! He must need laundry done!!! Very glad he is only about a 45 minute drive down the road!

  2. Gorgeous, but I must be backup to Her Majesty! Shuttle!
    NN aka Fox : ))

  3. Lovely doily dearie!

    I had a great weekend with your cohort in crime, Dr Vicki. I think she had a good time too! We were roomies at Tat Days in Toccoa, GA USA. She'll tell you all about it.

    Hope you can come too sometime!!