Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You can.........

And I can too......
Look out I'm back!! I really didn't go to far but things do get nuts and sometimes you have to give something up just to stop from going nuts too.
I am still doing lots of tatting (that will never change!!!) And I thought today of all days was just as good as any to restart blogging again!!!

Happy International Tat Day!!!!!

I was at my friend Ruths' house this past weekend and seeing a very hard working BC3 did a pattern for her we decided to give it a good run (or fly)!!

Lets see if you can tell which toucan is needle tatted and shuttle tatted!!

We had a get time working this guy up and fun shopping too!! But more on that later!!!

Have a great day and eat some chocolate (and tat too!!)
Tatfully Yours Kelly


  1. I guessed which was which straight away when you showed me yesterday!!!!! Don't know what that proves, though!!!!!! Glad Ruth liked her toucan!!!

  2. Nice to see you back blogging,
    I think the top toucan is the needle one.,

  3. Welcome back! Two beautiful renditions of a clever and excellent pattern! I would have difficulty using the finer needles and I prefer the shuttle, so I am always impressed with your tatting. My guess is the same as Margaret's, but at a glance there is very little difference!