Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy busy!!

Hello all

I have busy as usual with many things!! My sons toe is looking better and he got a clean big of health after having his bone scan done. I am glad that is over with. Then we had the semi-formal to be ready for, and all went well there too. I have been doing some paper work for the Fringe and going to meets. But now all that is behind me and I am ready to tat!!

Here I have a couple of crosses made in Alkin Basak size (50) 30 thread and DMC Cebelia size 20. The patterns is from Roger at Needle Tatting site. I really liked this pattern and will be doing more crosses soon.

This is the cross pattern with a little change here and a little change there to make it a snowflake. This is made in size 20 DMC Cebelia.

When I first saw Mirandas, of Tatting Fool blog, pattern for a cardinal I could not wait to tat him!! I just had to e-mail her and she sent it to me. The big reason I wanted to make him was because of my boss!!
My boss lost her husband over 5 years ago and shortly after he died we started to be followed by a cardinal. And even now if we have been talking about Brian; then we go outside sure enough there is a cardinal singing or sitting near by.

I tatted him in size 10 South Maid. Great pattern!!

Well I am off work today and if I`m a good girl and get some house work done, I will let myself to some tatting today!

Hope all is well in your part of Tat Land!!
Tatfully Yours


  1. Lovely tatting, Kelly! The cardinal is excellent!

    So glad your son is all right.
    ♥ Fox : )

  2. Wonderful crosses!!!
    Great snowflake!
    Great cardinal! :)

  3. The crosses are my favorite! I would love to try to make them. Notice I said "try." :)

  4. Birds are often referred to as the messengers for those who have passed on. Glad your son is okay and you get to enjoy tatting again!

  5. I love the cross pattern. I hope to get back to more tatting soon!

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