Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What was I thinking?

Good Morning Everyone

It`s true ``what was I thinking``!! This little doily was tatted in Sulky quilting thread size 12wt. It is Eileen Staffords pattern called Blue Doily. In this small thread, it only measures 4`` across.

As a result of the thinnest of the thread I had to hold my needle a little different and this was what happened to it.

My poor needle is done for! It should be straight!! One doily = one needle. A little of a high price for using this thread. I do not see myself using this really thin stuff again. I have had to order a new and improved ultra thin tatting needle from my friend Rita. I hope it works better!!

And here is my pride and joy!!! It`s the doily I have been working on for about 3 weeks!! It measures 12`` across and is one of the bigger pieces I have done!! I used Coats size 30 and the patten came in one the books I got from Jane!!

I believe I am now finished 8 of my 25 motif challenge the second time around. This time I wanted to challenge myself with projects that were larger or have me learning new stitches, etc.

Hope all is well with you in Tat Land.
Tatfully Yours


  1. Wow! that's quite the bend in your needle! I've bent beading needles, but, so far, no tatting needles. Your doilies look great!

  2. Congratulations on two beautiful pieces. I admire the way you are challenging yourself.

  3. Both doilies are lovely but I really like the second one- beautiful!!

  4. Kelly They are both gorgeous! Lovely work
    Fox ; )

    (Maybe it's time to look into shuttles... all that needle bending agro! hehehe)

  5. Ah, well, there's a lesson for you!!!! If you used a shuttle that wouldn't bend!!! Heeeee, heeeee, heeeeeeeeeeee.
    Ah, forgot that shuttles do break from time to time!!!!!
    Shot yerself in the foot again, yer daft old git!!!!! (That's me if anybody doesn't know).

  6. Very funny Fox and Jane!! Which one of you are up to coming here and teaching me shuttle tatting? Just remember I do love my needles!!!

  7. I'd love to come, Kelly but it's a looooong way to walk!!!! I might get pins and needles if I did!!!!! Must be 'corny' jokes day!!!!

  8. LOL @ both Fox and Jane, and if you are near me, come on over, we will have coffee, or tea, your choice, and any desert you want, and laugh, tat, have fun, and I will teach you shuttles :D

    I absolutely love your doilies, and you have good reason to be proud, yes, of BOTH of them!

    ps, just a silly note, my anti spam word to type in this time, was "tatty" how fun and coincidental was that?

  9. you did a great job they look great

  10. Great little doily and fabulous large doily!!! :)

  11. I'm gonna shuttle off to Where you live real soon! You're in trouble now!
    Fox : )

  12. Both doilies are very pretty. I think the colours in the Sulky thread are lovely.

  13. I admire your ability to use the very fine needles - it's a skill in itself! It does seem that those would be hard to find!

    I especially LOVE the classic look of the spectacular white doily! You've done a beautiful job! I admit that I'd not have the patience (even with a shuttle!) to do all the inner chains, but they are the mesmerizing and magical 'foundation' for showcasing the final round that proudly says "THIS is tatting!"

    When I dabbled a bit in needle tatting, just to see what it was about, everything felt familiar - kind of like knitting, as to the position of the hands.

    However, it was obvious one had to use the thinnest needles for fine thread. I always found crocheting with a fine hook to be difficult, and knitting with thin needles to be equally uncomfortable for my hands.

    The joy of tatting for me was the discovery that I could tat with the finest of threads and with any size comfortable shuttle. The hand movements are much more relaxing, especially when I discovered (fortunately, early on) that I could hold the thread in my left hand with the forefinger up (exactly as I do in crocheting and knitting continental style), so I was off and running with the shuttle, especially the bobbin shuttles with hooks, which goes faster fo me. I believe you crochet, so you might find that holding the thread with the forefinger up will make shuttle tatting more comfortable for you.

  14. Hi,

    I have never used a needle always used a shuttle, so I did not know they can bend, I have done that with a knitting needle. A lovely piece of tatting and beautiful doily.

  15. That doily is just beautiful! I've never bent a needle--just lost a bunch on them :)