Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bestest Day!!!!!!!!!

Good Evening Everyone in Tat Land

I just had the bestest day!!!!

Yes, I did get some tatting done but that was not the reason it was the bestest!!!

Yes, Cobourg was having its wonderful waterfront festival but that was not the reason!!

I did receives some very nice gifts and did some shopping too but that is not the reason!!

Do you want to know the reason??

Well it was because Ms Fox herself came out from the city to visit meeeee!!!!!!

Nothing better than getting to spend the day with another tatter and getting to enjoy the waterfront.
We visited another tatter who had a booth in the craft tents!!

A wonderful tatter, who was nice enough to let me pick out my own beads and thread so she could tat this beautiful bling wave bracelet!! And she got it done in less than a day just for me!!

And she also gave me this lovely tatted seahorse!! With metallic threads and beads. It is one of Deb Arnolds`patterns. I just love him!! Who doesn`t like getting gifts!?!

And lastly I did get some tatting done while I was waiting for Ms Fox to arrive!! It is still a work in progress (wip). I am not a fan of doing clovers but with Fox s help and ideas I think I am doing the clovers on this ok so far!!

What do you think Fox?

What a fun filled day!!! I hope we do not what until next year to do this again!

Hope you had a great weekend too.
Tatfully Yours


  1. How wonderful! That's the kind of day I'd like to have!

  2. You beat me to a post!

    Yes, it was a fantastic day and I enjoyed every moment - the lake, the food the fair the boats, the sky-gliders, the tatting talk - especially the tatting talk, the chats with other tatters, meeting your family ---ohhh there was a lot packed into a few hours! Thank, Kelly. You are fun to hang with.

    That is going to look sooooo good. The green is wonderful and you seem to have mastered those pesky clovers!
    Fox : )

  3. Woo hoo! A tatting meet-up. How absolutely grand! Now I am clover-green with envy, dear ladies. But it sounds like you had the best time. And the tatted goodies are a treat!

  4. I'm glad you had the bestest day! The bracelet is very nice and that so generous of her to let you pick out the colors you wanted and all! How fun for you both! I love hearing stories when bloggy friends meet!