Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I`m still here...

Hello Everyone

I know I was to be blogging more but life is getting in the way and taking up a lot of my time!! I have not even been able to tat as much as I would like!! :((((((

Between appointments with specialist (for my ankle problem), physio, work and now my son has just got his first job!!!! I feel more like a taxi than a person sometimes! And on Monday I had to go out of town to get a new brace for my ankle and also a cortisone shot. Now I just wish that the cortisone would start to work. No pain relief yet!!

I was able to tat this little doily in Lizbeth size 40 called Wild flower Garden. I love the colours in this thread. The pattern is from The Tatters Treasure Chest called Sonata.

Now this next picture you will not believe!!! You all know I am a needle tatter only, well I was looking for ideas for fund raising for the Fringe group this year and after seeing all of Diane`s beautiful podgy-ed shuttles I decided to give it a try!!!

I took them to a meeting we had for the Fringe and ended up sell some of them to the organizing members.

Speaking of the Fringe, we are now taking in registration forms for this years tatting event!! It is September 23 and 24th in Cambridge, Ont. Canada. If interested just check out their wed site. or

Hope all is well in your part of Tat Land!!
Talk to you soon!
Tatfully Yours


  1. Beautiful doily, I love the colours

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your ankle problems. Hope it gets better soon!

    I think if we keep deocrating Clovers then someday the plain ones will be collector's items! Those are beautiful!

  3. Very pretty thread and doiy, Kelly, and terrific idea about the shuttles! Seems so obvious, after the fact!
    ♥ Fox : )

  4. I love the thread and doily, but that bevy of beautiful shuttles just takes my breath away! I especially like the blue swirly one at the bottom, so if it doesn't sell, please let me know so that I can buy it! ; )