Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello and Happy New Year

Good morning to all in Tat Land!!!

I know it has been a while between blogs but I am finding that the more time I have on my hands; the less I get done!!! Things will be getting better now that hubby and son are now gone all day!!
I made through the holiday season with only a few set backs. Once I was moving well with the walker boot I thought I could do anything and everything. But I learned quickly that if I baked 11 dozen cookies in a day, on a ceramic floor, that I will be in bed for most for the next day!!! I also had to learn that if it didn`t get done in time for Christmas it wasn`t going to get done!! That was the hardest thing for me to learn!!

We had a nice quick holiday over all!!

Here is a picture of what I am wearing on my ankle around the house. It starts out lose and comfortable in the morning but by dinner time I am ready to ripe it off.

When I go outside (if it is snowy or icy) I wear the walker boot. But luckly the winter weather has not been too bad here is southern Ontario. Which has been great for me and getting around.

I have been doing some tatting! The little motif in this piece is from ``Tatting Patterns and Designs`` by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson. I decided to join them and see what I could come up with!! I`m using size 30 thread but I`m not sure who made it.

And lastly here is a picture of my coffee table in the living room. It is starting to get filled up with my tatting, which is not a bad thing.

And yes I am as surprised as you are!!! I have not yet killed my Christmas flower!!! Amazing isn`t it!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and get a lot of tatting done this New Year.

Tatfully Yours Kelly


  1. Good to hear and see that you're getting better. Take care of that leg - you need to look after it or you'll be hopping for the rest of your life!

  2. Kelly,
    I thought by now you would at the very least be playing some soccer! Hope you had a great holiday and are feeling much stronger.

    Nice looking tatting!
    NN says 'Bonjour' and plain old 'Bahhh!'
    ❤Fox : )

  3. That tatting project looks awesome! :)
    And the coffee table looks nice embellished with tattings. :)

  4. I wish you a speedy recovery. That motif is working great for a larger project and your table looks wonderful.