Saturday, January 28, 2012

What would you been doing?

Hello All

What would you be doing on a wintery day like this?

I was a good girl and got all my running around jobs done before this wintery weather started today! I had to drive into town and take care of my girlfriends and my parents cats; as they are all away on a vacation.

I`m starting to think that these two lazy fur balls may have the right idea. (It is not often that the dog shares her bed with the cat!) But before I could make my plans for the rest of the day, I had some cooking to do. So I got the slow cooker out and put on a big batch a beans to cook for the day.

I could pick up and work on the table runner. It is coming along nicely and is a great project to start and stop if you like. Or maybe I`ll work on some hearts or a bookmark or two!?!

I have finished my exchange piece for the Fringe! The theme for this year is ``Knotty Tatters`` and for the first exchange of the year we called it ``Hanky Panky``!!! I am mailing mine to the UK but do not know where I`m receiving one from. That`s the funny of it all.

Well I better stir the beans and get tatting!! The ankle is coming along well and I have an appointment on Monday with the doctor!
Keep warm!!
Tatfully Yours


  1. Hey, Kelly,
    Beautiful B/W photo! Love it.

    Your hankie id lovely. great colour. Glad to hear you are healing well.
    Fox : )

  2. Your table runner is wonderful!! And the hanky is very sharp!! :)

  3. Beautiful work! I am glad you got everything done!

  4. Love the table runner and hanky edging. Glad to hear your ankle is doing so well!