Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coming out of the dumps!!!

Morning All!!!

Some of you know or may have noticed I have not been blogging much lately. For someone who is not working and at home much of the time I should have loads of tatting done to share with you. But I don`t. Just been in the dumps lately!
But things are starting to look up!

Hubby`s side of the family is on the grow. First his niece had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago and a nephew`s girlfriend is do in 3 months.

So I have picked up my crochet hooks and knitting needles and started making some gifts for the new arrivals.

Next, I was able to buy this book from ebay the other week and have tatted a doily from it. I used some hand dyed thread in size 20 that I picked up from Karey Solomon called ``Willows by the water``.

I am really enjoying working with HDT`s. My hubby has let me buy my own birthday gifts this year, so placed an order with Lady Shuttle Maker for some of her threads and a hook pin. The only thing is, it will arrive well before my birthday at the end of March. I wonder if hubby will let me open my gifts early? But if I get to the mail first.....what he doesn`t know won`t hurt him!!! ;))))

And much to my surprise I also won some more HDT`s from a wonderful giveaway that Yarnplayer was doing. Not just threads are coming but a beautiful hand made necklace pendent and bracelet. Thank you Marilee!!!

So with a good report from the surgeon on my recovery and being busy looking for a new job; things are starting to look up!
The sun is shining and I feel I need a big cup of tea. I will go now.

Blog to you later.
Tatfully Yours


  1. Glad to see things are looking on the sunny side! I've had such a case of the winter blahs/blues I can't stand it. That doily is a real eye catcher, too. It has an optical illusion quality to it. I like it! And congrats on winning Marilee's giveaway. That shamrock jewelry is to die for. :)

  2. Have a big cuppa and feel better soon, Kelly. It has been a difficult winter for you, but Spring is around the you know what!
    Fox : )

  3. Good to see you blogging again. It's funny that when we've got time to do things we don't always get things done. You're not alone!!! SO pleased that the surgery went well too.

  4. p.s. N.N. says the tatting is very pretty! And the little sweater made me want to pick up my knitting needles (long gone!) again! Not many knitters cause that reaction in me these days. The sweater is super cute, and you did a great job on the blanket. Great gifts!
    Fox : )

  5. Your little sweaters look lovely, I love to see babys in hand knitted or crochet things rather than these jeans they put them in.

    Your doliy is lovely and gorgeous colour thread

  6. Yay Kelly,
    I am so glad to hear things are on the up! ...and congrats on your win!

  7. Your doily is awesome!!! :) I got that book this year and that is one of the doilies I would love to do soon hopefully. I love the color you used!! It's nice to see it in something other than white. :)

  8. Congrats on your win. Lovely doily, and nice knitting. Hope things stay sunny for you.