Wednesday, March 7, 2012

If Spring is coming why am I in a snowball?

Hello Everyone

I will explain my title for this blog!!! With spring coming and my hubby really hating the drywall job that was done on our kitchen ceiling; we decided to wall paper the ceiling so it looks like we have tin up there. So, we had to go looking for the trays to put it up with......(this is where the snowball started) and while looking in the laundry room, hubby starts looking in the cabinets and says ``do we really need all this STUFF!!!``!! Well hours later and two very full garbage bags later the whole laundry room is now clean!

Now, we will be needing help putting up the wall paper so that turned into me cleaning to tops of the kitchen cabinets and fridge!! I also sprayed down the oven last night getting it ready for a good cleaning and of course that will lead to the kitchen floors needing a good hands and knees cleaning!! ( This snowball is getting out of control!!!)

On a sunny note my giveaway prize from Marilee the Yarnplayer arrived today!!

And I was able to pick up a copy of Bead and Button where Marilee is shown with her beautiful tatting!!

Well I`d better get going!! The floors will not clean themselves!! I am hoping the snowball melts this weekend with the nice warm weather we are going to be getting!!

Take care!!!
Tatfully Yours


  1. I hope the snowball stops at the kitchen and not spreading out around the whole house. It's is nice to have a spring clean from time to time, my home could diffinately do with one.

  2. Nice new, clean look on your blog as well!
    Fox : ))

  3. Aren't you just out of a leg cast? And you're doing floors and heavy duty cleaning?? Wow!

    I know all about the 'bags of stuff' and how one job leads to another ... and another! Good luck on that wallpaper project! I'm intrigued by the 'tin ceiling' pattern!

    Oh - that beautiful pendant and exquisite bracelet! Just a twinge of envy, but SO happy for you!

    Have to ask where you picked up the magazine! At a store?

    1. No worries...I am spreading jobs out through out the week and the last time I did the tops of cabinets I laid out paper towel so that job didn't take long to do!!

  4. Drooling over the luscious tatting thread. The sun was shining here today, and it was nice and warm for early March, so I hope that snowball turned into a puddle.