Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Mail

Hello All

I got to the mail box before hubby and my birthday gift I ordered from Lady Shuttle Maker has arrived!

It`s amazing how he knew just what I wanted!!

Plus a bonus thread because I did some test tatting for Sherry and this was my thank you!!

Now I need some help!!! How does one get this thread onto a bobbin or card to work with it?
Can anyone help me!!!

When I figure it out I will show you something made from them!!

Tat to you later!!
Tatfully Yours


  1. I was wondering when that was going to arrive! I did a tutorial on unwinding skeins. It can be found here: http://ladyshuttlemaker.blogspot.com/2008/03/unwinding-hand-dyed-tatting-threadmy.html

    Enjoy Kelly and Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks Sherry!! The mail snails are still slow moving with the cold night we are still getting!!!

  2. I wind mine onto Ezybobs. They're great cause you can write on the flat side (with a Sharpie) the thread details. Here's one link to show you what they're like http://www.braidershand.com/disk.html

    1. I do like using my Ezybobs too but I am running low on them and will have to wait and buy more from Rita in Sept. at the tatting weekend!!

  3. No tutoria from me, but a sentence: sit on the couch, draw your knees up, place skein around your knees, cut the knot and wind slowly onto a card!

    I used to do this with skeins of wool, but it works fine with teeny thread too!
    (I think you can do this with your foot...)
    Fox : ))

  4. I'm late to the party, but I usually find something to hold the skein, unwrap a few lengths, wind onto a card, and then repeat. I've found that a folding chair or a throw pillow work wonderfully most of the time. I do that just because I hate when one side tangles with the other or the thread crosses itself. It's easier to control during the process, I think, if the skein is wrapped around something that keeps it somewhat taut... I could be wrong, though as I've not had a whole lot of experience with it. Another thing I've done: Look in my craft cubby and you'll see some HDT wound onto the cardboard from toilet paper rolls. :-D It holds the full skein and can be cut to fit into plastic boxes, etc... Makes it more like a ball, in my brain, I suppose... (Cut it down enough and I'm sure they would work in the LizBeth thread holder or you can pop it onto anything else to hold it still so it doesn't roll around. ;-)

    Hope you at least got a laugh from my re-purposing if nothing else! ;-)

    Stephanie Grace