Friday, April 20, 2012

It`s good to be busy.....

Hello All

Yes it is good to be busy!! And I really need to keep busy the next few days!!! Why? Well my son is on a school trip to New York city and this is the longest he has been away from me for all of his whole 17 years. And mommie is not doing to well!! Now don`t tell me not to worry, I know he will be OK but I just cann`t help myself. I will be better on Sunday night when he is home.

So to say the least I have been tatting, cleaning my house and doing some running around today!!

One of my stops today was to a house of someone I cleaned for about a month ago. He is selling his house and offered all of his baskets to me to use in the raffle the Fringe does in September. I really love using baskets around the house so not all of these will make to Cambridge!!!

In the tatting department I did Nancy Tracy`s owl pattern from her newsletter of October 2011!! They are made in size 20 Lizbeth.

Next we have a bookmark for my Aunt Wendy who will be retiring later this April. The pattern is one of my favorites. It is by LaRae Mikulecky and made in size 20 HDT by LadyShuttleMaker.

Now this last project has been a real peach to work on. I have been asked to teach this year at the Fringe tatting weekend in September. And being a needle tatter I wanted to come up with something different to teach. This motif is simple rings and chains but has 4 different ways to add beads to it. The designing was fun. The writing of the patten was another story.

My thanks go to both TotusMel of Needle Tatting and Other Nonsense and Rachel of Piney Woods Tatter (needle tatters) for testing my pattern and finding my typos.

Well I must be going. I am planning to wash some windows today and if I have time maybe I will re shingle the house!! (Just kidding!!!)
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Busy hands can keep the mind occupied, or at least help pass the time. Your house should be sparkling and I'll expect a ton more tats finished by the end of the weekend. LOL!

  2. Cute owls! :)
    Great bookmark!! :)
    And beautiful motif!!! :)

  3. Oh year,children leave home and mummies cares, jepp, that causes crazy mums like us, cleaned up houses, a lot of business to distract yourself. Everything will be ok! The needle tatting pattern is nice to learn.
    Did you know I wrote two books about needle tatted glassbead jewelry? With lessons how to needle tat, how to add beads in needle tatting (Perlnoafe-techinque)and pattern for needle tatted jewelry: necklaces, pendants, earings,etc. May be this is of interest for you;-))
    Happy tatting,Gunhild

  4. I LOVE your beautiful motif! (NN loves it too!)

    Imagine my worry when my daughter actually moved to NYC! And she is raising my grandbabies there!

    But, you know what - it is the BEST place! Friendly and safe and everything the bad rep says it is not - but all that bad stuff was in the 80’s. So do not worry. The kid is having a blast in a terrific city.
    : ))