Sunday, April 1, 2012

The prefect International Tat Day (almost!!!)

Why is it ``The prefect International Tat Day (almost)``? Well as you can see I have my hot chocolate ready and my tatting but the problem is we are having some rain today. I know`` why is this a problem?`` you say.....well it means that hubby is not on the golf course but home doing some ``projects`` around the house!!! He is great at starting them but leaves the clean up for me to do!! All I want to do is sit in my cozy chair and tat the day away!!

Well I guess things are not all that bad!!! (what you cann`t see that I added some Bailey`s Irish Cream to my hot chocolate!! (hee hee don`t tell!!!!)
The tatting I am working on is a little bit of a challenge for me!! Not the tatting it`s self because it is only rings and chains. The challenge is that the pattern is written in Italian and for shuttle. It is from a il lavoro chiacchierino magazine and I am really enjoying it. The thread is a HDT from Karey in size 20 but I have a problem there too. I am running out!!! Some girlfriends with the Fringe are going to Karey`s tatting weekend this month and I hoping they can find more for me!! The doily has 9 rows to it and I have finished 6 of them and it already measures over 8``.

Well I should go before my hot chocolate gets cold!! I hope you are having a great International Tat Day where you are!!!

Tat to you later,


  1. The shading in the thread looks very subtle. Looks great so far. Happy Tatting Day to you.

  2. Happy International Tatting Day! Enjoy your Bailey's... yum! Hopefully, hubby will not ask you to help too much. ; )

  3. Beautiful tatting there, Kelly.
    Fox : )

  4. Hope you enjoyed your Hot Chocolate and tatting and had a wonderful International Tatting Day!!

  5. Hallo, your tatting looks so nice to me, the color shade is beautiful in contrast to the pattern. Think the "chocolate" :) will let your shuttles fly very relaxed ^^, italian style...

  6. Happy Tatting on International Tatting Day. Makes me want to make a cup of hot chocolate myself, :)

  7. I hope your enjoyed your hot chocolate and you were allowed to do some tatting, That's the problem that the day landed on a Sunday, not the best day with husbands home.
    I hope you had a lovely